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Before some days i joined official to check the new thingies in the new update "Gracia" and i would like to tell you what has changed.



Luxury Shop


Now luxury shop sells C grade weapons and full armor sets and you can purchase with crystals weapons up to B-Grade NOT SHADOW.



Vitality System



I think most of you know about it already but i will give you some details. Vitality system boost your exp. There are 4 levels of Vitality.The bigger level vitality is the bigger xp-boost you get. If i remember well at vitality lvl 4 you 400 or 450% exp more!


VItality level is "burning"  by hitting mobs. If your Vitality level is 0 u get the normal xp. To recharge the vitality level your char must be offline and this takes more than 1 day (not to lvl 4). Your vitaliy level increases when you are in a peace zone buch much slower.



Common Items


Common items are b and a grade items that cannot be ecnhanted or given a sa (special abilty) but for examples the prices are these. Soul Seperator (non common) +0 59-60kk. Soul Seperator Common item 6-10kk  :o There are common armors.





I dont know much things about this but some mobs in high levels drop Fire Stones Earth Stones Wind Stones and some more. I will explain it better with an example. I saw some1 selling an draconic armor and the main part had +2 wind resistance +6 dark resistance. So u need these  atributes to make your weapon or armor stronger against and dark,wind,water,earth etc.




Kamaloka is a place where u can go from 23 lvl till 76+++. Kamaloka has some rb's that are pretty easy and give good xp.I dont know the drops for levels higher than 23  :)



I didn't noticed anything else.I hope i helped.

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well... according to this: http://www.lineage2.com/news/gracia_01.html


there are changes also to the:


Battle System Changes


New Skills


Existing Skills


NPC Changes


Hunting Grounds


PVP Changes






Pets and Servitors




Interface Changes


Other Changes :P



i think if you continue you will come across them :P


give us a pic of your char Zonzoo :P



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Man i log on i lvl'd till 16with one char and till 34 with my other and i stoped playing i need a pause. About skills check http://lineage.pmfun.com/list/skill i dont know further information if know any other things post here.I am not gonna post a photo of my char he is noob ^^ let me level him ;D

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the vitality system is the most stupid thing in the whole new edition...i'm either too stupid to understand it or some people are stupid enough to create it. SO : if I play normally (go experiencing by killing mobs/RB/etc..) I get much much less exp than if I don't play at all...and what? I make a char, play 1-2 hours...and then logg in again after 1-2 months and my char is big lvl...and those who have played like normal people are 10 lvl lower than me :D:D:D don't you think it's boring and not fair? >:(

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all of you are totally wrong about the vitality system. Its created for the peoples that cannot play 24/24 7/7 :) And the maximum value is 300% of the normal exp. So When u are offline for 2 months, you cannot catch in level the other ones who was playing normally, thats a bullshit that you wrote :D And ofcourse vitality will turn off when you play some time ingame. It must applyed also when you just sit in towns. Its created like the World of Warcraft's vitality system and its a fair and good system for those who just live the real life too :)


All of you talking about something without any knowledge... Try it before post some new bullshits...

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