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A Brand new Bot program which is much more efficient than l2walker!


L2CONTROL Lite Features!

1.Graphically Shown Char at radar type system!

2.Shows Chars In List with info such as 3rd class,Sub-class,Nobless Status/Hero & Clan Status!

3.Can Change Between List and Radar Functions!

4.Chars Are shown by their profession!

5.Hot Button Function Which targets the nearest Enemy and attack him!

6.Feature that controls HP/CP/MP and when needed auto-uses Pots.

7.Sound Warnings


And Many many others try it yourself!


Program Link from official Site:http://l2control.stelife.com/soft/l2control.rar

Link Mirror:http://www.stelife.com/soft/l2control.rar



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Shared By Iobar!

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Nice share +1 Karma from me....Need to test it..but from the official site must say it worths!

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yes but as i see in that post he obtain and serial key. (i can't see it but i found the same post at l2contor.)


i want to ask. If i take license and place it in an other version, will it work?

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thx alot! now only one more question...can anyone make a tutorial or some pictures with translation? or if there is a english version maybe?

LE: nevermind i forgot to change ENG language :D.

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no, its working, you just need to read info about it


I read the 11 pages from the other post and i cant found any solution. Maybe is because i try to use on official servers, but dont know.


I use it whiout lisence and it work (10 trial days), but whit license the programam start and dont make nothing more (dont target enemies, radar dont work, etc, etc.)

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