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[L2J] L2Scenario


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2Scenario Interlude No Custom Server Features

Chronicle : Interlude-C6 

Hello dear reader,in the next couple minutes i will be describing to you L2 Scenario Gaming Server,an Interlude PvP Server,if you continue to read this thread.If this is too long for you to read it,i challenge you to join and try our server. 2dahf21.jpg EXP,SP,Adena & Drop Rates
Experience,skill points and adena are set to x1000
You are starting level 80
Starting Items,Location
Every new created character will start with 500kk & 3 kind of boxes which contains armor-weapon sets.
Enchant Rates & Limits
Our server introduces nomal,blessed and crystall scrols for enchanting.
Normal Scrolls: 70% Rate,+10 Maximum Enchant-If it fails,it breaks!
Blessed Scrolls: 100% Rate,+10 Maximum Enchant
Crystal Scrolls: 50% Rate, +12 Maximum Enchant (Weapons only) if it fails,the enchants reduces by 1
Augmentations & Limits
We have made a limit system so you wont be able to stuck an active with Passive skill.
When you'll remove your augmented weapon,if you had an active it will be removed.
Top Grade LS: 18%
High Grade LS: 14%
Mid Grade LS: 9%
General Informations
Here are some general information regarding the server.
Skills are auto-learn, grade/weight limit is lifted, death penalty doesn't exist.
Shout chat is regional and requires 300 PvPs, trade chat is global but disabled(can only be enabled by a gamemaster for a short amount of time).
Buffs are set to 3 hours, you can't buff from buffer while you're registered for olympiad and so on.
Buffs from our buffer will be automatically given to your summon(if any). There are also 4 buff sets available.
Buff limit is set to 50 including self-buffs and de-buffs.
You can't teleport while you're flagged.
Unstuck is 30 seconds.
We have a custom tattoo that will increase your maximum cp/hp/mp by 5%.
You'll need to farm your way up, to get gear and enchant them or to enchant your skills. You can get pretty much anything you need within mass vote reward & events.
Balance: A hard issue to deal with, we're taking care of it day by day.
Raiding & Noblesse
Want to know how to get epic jewels or become noblesse? Read on!
We have 4 grand-bosses that you'll need quest item to teleport (obtained from our shop, no quest needed) and along with them we have a few more.
You can obtain epics through events but if you want a more sure way, you can gather your clan and start raiding! Raid-bosses drop epic jewels, one for each boss. Along with the epic drops, there are more like life stones and book of giants
To become Noblesse, you'll need to double click on Caradine's Letter. You won't need a quest to obtain Caradine's Letter, you can get it through events or you can raid Barakiel. Barakiel drops 9 Caradine's Letters but if you already have one picked up, you can't pickup another one!
We have plenty of NPCs nicely spawned in our main town and a few spawned at the other lonely towns.
Global Gatekeeper
General Shop
Naughty Buffer
Services Manager
High Priest
Top Players
Siege Manager
Donation Princess
Wedding Manager
PvP Informer
Raidboss Informer
Casino Dealer
Server Informer
Class Master
Casino Manager
We made a coin for each one of our needs, we kept adena as main currency as well.
Farm Tokens
Vote Tokens
Event Tokens
Donation Tokens
Clans, Alliances & Sieges
Not that easy to get full skills but not that hard to level up. Needs a bit of farm but a devoted clan will more than easily make it! Eggs are needed to get skills and you can get them through our shop.
There are not clan penalties.
Sieges are weekly. The maximum an alliance can accept is 3 clans.
Zones, Farming & Raidbosses
Starting/Safe Farm Zone - Giran Harbor
Medium Farm Zone - Forbidden Gateway
Party Farm Zone - Pagan Temple
A zone with a few mini-raids - Primeval Isle
Once you start hitting a mini-raid, you'll get PvP flagged.
Besides farming zones there are raid-boss zones which all are auto PvP flag except Barakiel zone.
Team vs Team (TvT)
Capture The Flag (CTF)
Deathmatch (DM)
Gamemaster manual events
Pre-announced party-clan events within our forum
You can use .events at any time to see the automated TvT, CTF and DM schedule and register as-well.
Olympiad Systems
Olympiad is a nice and competitive way of playing the game, isn't it? Besides the anti-feed we wanted to enhanced it a bit for you!
Total Damage & Opponent Class: When you'll be teleported inside olympiad you'll get a message regarding your opponent's class, when the match will end you'll see the total damage you dealt and the total damage your enemy dealt.
Skills Reuse: When you'll be teleported to the arena, all of your skills will be ready for use so you can fight the match to the fullest!
Ranking: Ranks are updated almost every 30 minutes and you can see when the ranking was last updated, besides the rank you can see the points of the people who are listed there.
Timing & Period: Period is weekly and olympiad runs 6 hours every day but Sunday which is the day that the period ends.
PvP Systems We wanted to make PvPs a bit interesting but without overwhelming the game-play with weird systems.
We tried to make it fun and keep it simple.
Open-World: Lineage II is an open-world game, so why to limit PvP? You can PvP anywhere you want! But remember that massive PvP usually happens in the zones we already have!
Colors: Just to make it a bit more spicy there are some great colors for specific amount of PvPs that will make you look bad-ass!
Half Hour PvP: Every 30 minutes the player with the most PvPs within this time will be rewarded!
Time-spree: If you manage to get a double, triple, quadra, or pentakill within an interval of time you'll be rewarded with glory and recognition!
Killing-spree: An uncapped spree system without time limit, and triggered at specific spree-kills to reward you. But remember, you must not die in between!
Support rewards: Supports are nice, cute and we love them. Why not reward them for helping us stay alive?
Buff Cancellation: Cancelled buffs will return after a short period of time, of course this won't apply in Olympiad.
Killer Message: When you'll get killed by someone a timed message will appear on screen with the killer's name, CP and HP at the moment he/she killed you.
Other Systems So okay with the PvP system but what about anything else?
Vote Reward: We like to gain more and more population so server and pvps will become more fun. We have a Mass Vote Reward system which will reward online players every 6 votes!
Language Chat: You're on vacations in a country that nobody speaks your language and suddenly you find someone from the same country as you, how awesome is this? Through language chat you can globally chat with players who can understand your mother language!
Shields: Has anyone ever bothered you hard with trades, invites or something? You can turn on shields to disable trading, inviting or even getting buffed from enemies (does not apply inside olympiad).
Menu & Stats: You can quickly access .menu to setup language chat, get vote reward or enable the shields described above. You can type .stats to see some stuff about your target, for more quick access you can shift+click your target!
Community Board & Online Command: We have customized a bit the community board to make it look more friendly. We've also implemented .online command for you to instantly check online players and gamemasters.
Raidboss Announcement: You'll get informed when one of our raid-bosses dies or spawns so you'll get in action! For the retail grand-bosses which have a delay of 10 minutes before the entrance is locked, you'll be informed as-well when someones wakes up a grand-boss, so you can make it to the entrance before its locked!
Anti-feed: We have developed a great anti-feed platform for PvPs and Olympiad, where the feed happens. Both are monitored by an expert AI system, everything is being logged and we'll spot the feeders! Also same-IP doesn't count and you can't register for olympiad as well.
Anti-corruption: Not really a system, but it can be really annoying to play against gm chars, gm friends and goes on. As a close family team (we're just 2), we can assure you that it won't ever happen in our server.
Geodata: We have included some geodata to make sure that there will be no wall bugs or so.
Software, Hardware & Network
We have a good looking machine along with a shiny network to ensure stability in a lag-free environment.
Our pack is based on aCis pack (thanks Tryskell).
I think I've covered most of the servers important information, see you online.
Don't forget to often check our change-log section to stay updated with the latest server features!




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The server is really nice. It is mainly based on pvping and team playing. In 30 mins you can get top items, farming is relatively easy and quick and then you start pvping and grouping for custom bosses. It has been quite some time since I had so much fun.

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The server is using same pack than Novus and Dust. Overall its a decent data that need some fixed. My critic is that mage classes are abit overpowered. Landing 2,5k critical every 3rd or 4th cast is just waw. And yes, I've got jewls maxed. If the admin see this, I suggest you to test it.

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