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hellbound [Hellbound L2J] L][ Azura.

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Site : http://www.l2azura.tk/

Forum : http://l2azura.ucoz.com/forum


L2 Azura is a brand new and promising server,with good staff which will help you with any problem you may have.


Rates : Xp 25x /Sp 55x /Adena 85x /Drop 2x /Spoil 3X


Features :


- New Areas


- Skills lvl 81


- Custom Medal System


- Gm Shop


- Npc Buffer


- Teleporter


- Many events when more people join.


So come join us and you won't regret it! =]



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Here is a list of full Server Features ( I'm the main dev ) 



-== Rates ==-

Exp: x25

Sp: x50

Drop: x2

Adena: x85

Spoil: x3



-== Features ==-

C1/C2/C3/C4/C5/INT/CT1/Hellbound Areas

C1/C2/C3/C4/C5/INT/CT1/Hellbound Mobs

C1/C2/C3/C4/C5/INT/CT1/Hellbound Skills

1h Buffs

Spawn Protections

Geodata and Pathnode (75%)

Cursed Weapons

Auto Learn Skills



-== Enchant ==-

Weapons: 2/3

Armors: 2/3

Jewels: 2/3

Maximum: 25

Safe: 4



-== NPC's ==-

Equipment Shop - You can buy anything you want.Weapons,Armors,Jewles etc. [No Raid Boss Jewels]

Misc Shop - You can buy consumables like potions,scrolls etc.

Gatekeeper - You can teleport to any place you want.

NPC Buffer - Gives support magic to help you in game.

Class Changer - You can change your class there.



-== Working Features ==-

Wedding System

Clan System

Fishing System

Olympiad System

Subclass System

Hero System

Noblesse System

Clan Halls System

Duel System

Augmentation System

Fortress Siege System

Enchant Skills System



-== Custom Items ==-

Epic wings.



-== Custom Areas ==-




-== Events ==-

Auto Events : Team Vs Team , CTF , DM




-== Custom Systems ==-

PvP Reward System

PvP System: When a player hits 1000 pvpz,his title / name is colored!.

Soon More to come :)



-== Server Specifications ==-

Intel Core 2 duo E6700

Ram: 2 GB DDR2 667

Uplink Port Speeds: 100 Mbps

Hard Drive: 250GB SATA II

Operating System: Windows Server 2003 Standard SP2 with R2 (32 bit)




| With a Few Words |

• Active Development • Pro GM Staff • Pure Mid Rate CT1.5 Server (x25 rates) • Custom Medal System • Unique Features • Opened 27.8.08 • Many Players online • Lag Free •  Join us Now!




Join us now !!

Soon More Updates are coming.

Stay tuned




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