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Code [Share](L2J) Shot The Dog Event

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For High Five, L2j
Here it comes Shot The Dog Event. Now for free
Players are divided in two teams and they must fight transformed in Sniper Dogs with their Event Skills. In every kill they'll win Dollar Dogs, that they must use in the same Event to buy more powerful skills. The team that kill more enemies will won.

- Multiple Instance: You can choose if you want the script hand out the players in differents instances to avoid needless aglomerations

- Full configurable Event (language, prizes for winners, losers and ties, time periods, automatic or non-automatic...)




- Special GM Commands and special User Commands for the Event (incloudes and special event chat).
Admin commands:

  • shooter_menu - shows the admin event menu
  • shooter_advance - advance the event to the next period
  • shooter_abort - cancel the event
  • shooter_reg_log - shows the log of the registred players once the event has started
  • shooter_info - shows the actual configuration of the event
  • shooter_score - shows the actual scores of the event in the different zones (if multiple instance option is active)
  • shooter_eventchat_listen - turn on/off to listen the event chat for GMs



- GM panel for the Event that changes between the differents periods


- All users can participate although their levels and classes won't be the same. All stats inside the Event are statics (Elemental stats doesn't affect).



- The Event can be viewed by another players outside the event



- Scores at the end of the Event











Event full configurable:

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Laszlo Events Config
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Be sure you have "CustomNpcTable" and "CustomSkillsLoad" in true values, check your General.properties file.
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Shot The Dog Event
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Enable Event. Disable for not use.
# Default: true
ShooterEventEnable = true

# Define your event language (htmls and system messages. For skills description use the correct skillname-e).
# Default: english
# Avaiable Options: english, spanish
ShooterEventLang = english

# If it is true, the event will start automatically at scheduled hours, set in "STDEventInterval" values.
# Default: false
ShooterEventAutomatic = true

# Times Shot The Dog will occur (24h format).
STDEventInterval = 16:20,15:45

# If the value is true, the script will create predeterminated instances (max 5) and replace the players in those if ShooterEventParticipantsMaxInstance exceeds the own value.
# NOTE: if the value is false, all the participants will be in the same place. Use true to avoid innecessary aglomeration.
# Default: true
ShooterEventMultipleInstance = true

# Allow the players to see the features of the event in the inscription NPC (max-min players, max-min levels, prizes...)
# Default: true
ShooterEventFeatureView = true

# Num of minimun Participants
# Default: 2
ShooterEventParticipantsMin = 2

# Num of maxim Participants in total.
# Default: 200
ShooterEventParticipantsMaxTotal = 200

# If the value is true, there will be a max-min level for the inscription.
# Default: true
ShooterEventLevelLimit = true
# if you don't want max level limit, write 99
ShooterEventLevelLimitMax = 99
ShooterEventLevelLimitMin = 40

# Num of maxim Participants in each instance. If the num of players exceeds this value, the script will redirect a equal num of players in differents event instances, to avoid inneccessary algomeration
# NOTE: There are max five event instances for this event. Shot The Dog Event works properly if the math relation beetwen ShooterEventParticipantsMaxTotal and ShooterEventParticipantsMaxInstance is 5
# Default: 40
ShooterEventParticipantsMaxInstance = 4

# Reward ID
# Default: 57
ShooterEventRewardId = 57

# Reward Quantity
# Default: 10000
ShooterEventRewardQuant = 10000

# Reward for loser Team. If it is true, it will give a reward to the loser team
# Default: false
ShooterEventEnableRewardLoser = true

# Reward ID for loser Team
# Default: 57
ShooterEventRewardIdLoser = 57

# Reward Quantity for loser Team
# Default: 10000
ShooterEventRewardQuantLoser = 1

# Reward for event ended in Tie. If it is true, both teams will have reward
# Default: false
ShooterEventEnableRewardTie = true

# Reward ID for Tie situation
# Default: 57
ShooterEventRewardIdTie = 57

# Reward Quantity for Tie situation
# Default: 10000
ShooterEventRewardQuantTie = 100

#Inscription time once start announcments (in mseconds)
# Default: 600000 (10 minuts)
ShooterEventInscriptionTime = 600000

#Time to prepare party and skills once the event has started (in mseconds). Can't be inferior than 5.
# Default: 30000 (30 seconds.)
ShooterEventPreparationTime = 30000

#Duration of the Event (in mseconds)
# Default: 600000 (10 minuts)
ShooterEventProcessTime = 600000

#Time that allows the player view the stadistics of the event when it has ended (in mseconds).
# Default: 300000 (5 minuts.)
ShooterEventStadisticsTime = 300000

# Location for Inscription NPCs (3) Event spawn in form x,y,z[,heading]
# Default Giran: 83403,148618,-3404,32049
# Default Aden: 147450,25813,-2012,17681
# Default Goddard: 147685,-55514,-2734,49151
ShooterEventNpc1Coordinates = 83403,148618,-3404,32049
ShooterEventNpc2Coordinates = 147450,25813,-2012,17681
ShooterEventNpc3Coordinates = 147685,-55514,-2734,49151

# Fire Friend (only skills) in Shot The Dog Event
# Default: false
ShooterEventFireFriend = false




More Events coming soon!
Credits by:
Laszlo's Developers

Edited by kuriku
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Oops, I forgot completly add the file with the mods in existents files in Core and DP side, my fault.


But now it's re-uploaded. Thnx!

I forgot i already made them i could send them to you and upload :P 

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There are any error missages in the log¿?

Look in core-side, at L2Character.java and be sure you paste correctly the code.

If the problem still exists, paste the full file here.

No errors in GS... Just my gm char stands still.. I will place the codes again and report to u..

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Well i am using freya and i need to adopt it completely even config.java need adopt for me :D no tested yet.

Me pe8anan ta agglika s .. an katalava kala 8es kapoion na st kanei addapt ?


An nai , dokimase mia monos sou kai oti provlima exeis edw eimaste apla kane ena post kai 8a se boi8isoume.

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Me pe8anan ta agglika s .. an katalava kala 8es kapoion na st kanei addapt ?


An nai , dokimase mia monos sou kai oti provlima exeis edw eimaste apla kane ena post kai 8a se boi8isoume.

Ελα ρε εσυ professional θα κοιταξω τα αγγλικα μου στο maxcheaters χα και τι adopt? εγω θα το κανω adopt σε freya και θα το κανω share

Τεκνον μου :P

Edited by WolfGiaS3na

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