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[L2J] Grand Opening Exile L2 Interlude 100X Medium Custom Server

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[PT-BR] Olá..! como muitos já sabem o Exile L2 não é um server qualquer, já temos uma história como Server de Lineage II, nosso primeiro server também era Interlude com Custom Armors e Weapons, nossos jogadores sabem muito bem o grau de excelência do nosso trabalho.O Exile L2 é um server que já vem de longas datas, um server balanceado, cujo o nosso proposito é fornecer aos nosso player a melhor jogabilidade nos PVP's, Oly e Sieges, vou deixar bem claro que EU ADM-DEOLIN estou de volta e comprometido com vocês, e agora é pra ficar, conto com todos vocês meus player, player do Antigo Exile L2, mais de 800 ppl ON, vamos com tudo mais um vez... ATT Adm-Deolin.


[ENG] Hey.! as many already know the Exile is not a L2 server any, we already have a story like Server Lineage II, our first server was also Interlude with Custom Armors and Weapons, our players know very well the degree of excellence of our work.The Exile L2 is a server that already has long-time, a balanced server, which our purpose is to provide our players the best gameplay in PVP's, Oly and sieges, I will make it clear that I ADM-DEOLIN'm back and committed to you , and now is to stay tale with you all my player, player of the Old Exile L2, over 800 ppl oN, come with everything one more time ... ATT-Adm Deolin.

Rates Info :

[+] Chronicle: Interlude
[+] All grandbosses respawn time: Retail like
[+] Barakiel respawn time: Retail Like (80lvl)
[+] Buff slots: 24 +4 Slots
[+] Buff duration: (All in One duration 2h)
[+] Medium Custom Items: Set (TT/TT{PVP}) Weapon (Epic)
[+] Jewell Boss: No-Donate
[+] Experience: x100
[+] Experience in party: x1.5
[+] Skill Points: x100
[+] Adena Drop: x200
[+] Item Drop: x10
[+] GrandBoss Item Drop: x1
[+] Spoil Drop: x10
[+] Quest Drop/Reward: x20
[+] GrandBoss: all 80lvl
[+] Char enter: level 20 in Custom area to Levelup
[+] C Grade / B Grade / A Grade Crafters in NPC: For Adena.
[+] S Grade Crafters in Npc: For Adena.
[+] TT/Epic Itens S Grade Upgrade in Npc: Adena,S Grade and Farm Item.
[+] Custons Farm/Pvp Zones: Imperial Tomb / Monastery
[+] Chaotic Zone: FlagPVP on enter in Boss Zones
[+] Enchant Safe: +3 Max: +25
[+] Enchant Chance: each level are decreased increased
[+] Enchant: + 3 to +6 - 58% Chance.
[+] Enchant: + 6 to +8 - 50% de chance.
[+] Enchant: + 8 to +10 - 44% de chance.
[+] Enchant: +10 to +12 - 38% de chance.
[+] Enchant: +12 to +14 - 28% de chance.
[+] Enchant: +14 to +25 - 15% de chance.
[+] Blessed Scroll Enchant: 75% Chance +1 to +25
[+] Blessed Scroll Enchant 100%: Drop in All Big Boss and sell in Event Trade
[+] Offline trade/craft: Enabled ( only start Sell/Buy/Craft Store and quit the game
[+] We have working Geodata: 100%
[+] Buff yourself with in - Alls Towns.
[+] GMShop accessable, in - Giran Town.
[+] For global gatekeeper, in - Alls Towns.
[+] Class Manager NPC: You may change your class to 1st, 2nd and 3rd for free.
[+] Retail like, epic (castle / clanhall): sieges.
[+] Olympiads: 15/15 Dias ( Only A Grade Itens ).
[+] Quest SubClass - Free.
[+] Quest Nobless Status - Basic itens sell in GMShop

- Os 5 (cinco) primeros Clans (com tag "bandeira") com 20+ players ON ganhara um aiox de 20 dias.
- Evento Clan somente nos 2 primeiros dias de Server.
- Suporte apenas por e-mail/skype/forum não vamos dar suporte in-game.

- Doações para Aiox.
- Doações para Weapon/Armor Custom
- Doações para Clan level 8 full skill
- Doações para Nobless Status

BUGS - Erros? por favor Reporte no Forum.

Compartilhem, Curtem e Divulguem para seus amigos e inimigos de L2 (;


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    • giving time for the accused to answer for himself its not something bad and maxtor should make it as a rule actually. yes some cases are 100% bannable but what if there is some info that change the whole situation?   plus there should also be a note to buyers not to pay all the money upfront but a part of it to "close the job" and when the job is done then get the rest, cause if you pay all the money in front and they are for example 200euros many tempted to scam get ban make new account...   and guess what paypal usually after a short of period cannot refund you usually thats a deadline for a work of amount of 200euros.
    • set.getInteger("enchantmentLevel")   so that this part is what makes the option to add in the xml in MultisellData it calls it so
      // Feed with a new ingredient.
      entry.addIngredient (new Ingredient (set));
    •   I already tried to change it   set.getInteger("enchantmentLevel")   for   0   When I go to buy the item, do not come ++
    • Xml is missing enchantment level line. You could add default 0 in code. 
    • Hello, I'm testing here but it does not work on
      has this _enchantmentLevel but is incomplete more when I add the error!         package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.multisell; import; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.item.kind.Armor; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.item.kind.Item; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.item.kind.Weapon; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.templates.StatsSet; /**  * A datatype which is part of multisell system. It is either the "result" or the "required part" of a multisell action.  */ public class Ingredient {     private int _itemId;     private int _itemCount;     private int _enchantmentLevel;          private boolean _isTaxIngredient;     private boolean _maintainIngredient;          private Item _template = null;          public Ingredient(StatsSet set)     {         this(set.getInteger("id"), set.getInteger("count"),  set.getInteger("enchantmentLevel"), set.getBool("isTaxIngredient", false), set.getBool("maintainIngredient", false));     }          public Ingredient(int itemId, int itemCount, int enchantmentLevel, boolean isTaxIngredient, boolean maintainIngredient)     {         _itemId = itemId;         _itemCount = itemCount;         _enchantmentLevel = enchantmentLevel;         _isTaxIngredient = isTaxIngredient;         _maintainIngredient = maintainIngredient;                  if (_itemId > 0)             _template = ItemTable.getInstance().getTemplate(_itemId);     }          /**      * @return a new Ingredient instance with the same values as this.      */     public Ingredient getCopy()     {         return new Ingredient(_itemId, _itemCount, _enchantmentLevel, _isTaxIngredient, _maintainIngredient);     }          public final int getItemId()     {         return _itemId;     }          public final void setItemId(int itemId)     {         _itemId = itemId;     }          public final int getItemCount()     {         return _itemCount;     }          public final void setItemCount(int itemCount)     {         _itemCount = itemCount;     }          public final int getEnchantLevel()     {         return _enchantmentLevel;     }          public final void setEnchantLevel(int enchantmentLevel)     {         _enchantmentLevel = enchantmentLevel;     }          public final boolean isTaxIngredient()     {         return _isTaxIngredient;     }          public final void setIsTaxIngredient(boolean isTaxIngredient)     {         _isTaxIngredient = isTaxIngredient;     }          public final boolean getMaintainIngredient()     {         return _maintainIngredient;     }          public final void setMaintainIngredient(boolean maintainIngredient)     {         _maintainIngredient = maintainIngredient;     }          public final Item getTemplate()     {         return _template;     }          public final boolean isStackable()     {         return (_template == null) ? true : _template.isStackable();     }          public final boolean isArmorOrWeapon()     {         return (_template == null) ? false : (_template instanceof Armor) || (_template instanceof Weapon);     }          public final int getWeight()     {         return (_template == null) ? 0 : _template.getWeight();     } }  
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