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Request Bot For L2Conflict


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re paidia anoikse enas h5 x20 prin mia vdomada kai psaxno bot help plz.... 

To site tou einai afto http://www.l2conflict.com/

Tha ektimousa kathe voitheia kathws exo dei idi botakia sto server!!

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gia ton l2 conflict dn  yparxei boting pou na doulevei ston server auton gtoi Dev exoun kanei polu kalh douleia mono clicker doulevei tower walker net dn doulevei 

exw prospadisei k egw 

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Poios o logos na paizis x20 kai na kaneis botting?

Episis True den douleuboun ( toulaxiston oxi efkola ;)

Kane posts sta forum ton bot programs ( poio efkola tha vgaleis eki akri para edw, pleon )
























Some people will never lern to play l2 ....

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    • Why you not reward them with simply in game currency/farm coin, whatever stuff? I think we both know that when you PAY clans with REAL CASH will attract them more to join your server than rewarding them with in game stuff.   You can't deny that, otherwise you wouldn't do it. Also, the comparison with the football player statement is kinda obnoxious because football teams play in leagues where they can win trophies. Why do they get paid tho? Because they have sponsors, for example. Sponsors are paying teams that play good because they're representing the sponsor in a well position, and teams paying their players, and they get a cut because win/win situation in this case.   Do you understand the difference ?
    • Let's stop rewarding football players with money along their trophies for their good performance because that means we pay them to play ?    Paying someone to -join- your server is completely irrelevant to rewarding winners with money.   Let me break it down for you;   Paying specific clans/cps to join gives them a massive advantage against the rest who don't get anything. Look at L2 Dex. IR side's cps were given a lot more money/coins than the other sides and they literally won the server by default. All they had to do was rush in, AOE and outgear their enemies. I won't explain what kind of gear/services gave them that big of an edge, you at least get the concept.   Now, rewarding someone for winning a battle/competition on equal grounds is fair. All clans will start with the same tools and there won't be any unfair starting advantage. If you win on equal grounds, then you deserve to earn a reward.   Do you understand the difference ?
    • So you are telling me that paying the best clans on a weekly basis of your server based on points is unique? That doesn't sound unique to me, more like dick sucking and praying that clans even join your server because of the money they can acquire.
    • If you had graduated from high school and had acquired basic reading skills, you would have understood that what I said is exactly the opposite. I'm not sure if  you're deliberately trying to play dum dum and push this strawman argument, or you're just really that much of a 2 digit IQ person, or both.   High school dropouts having opinions, "yikes".  
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