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interlude [L2J]L2Mafia.net Faction Server Koofs Vs Noobs


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Most Of You Already Know Us , Most Of You Already Played Our Servers!

L2mafia.net Is A Private Lineage2 Network With Many Kind Of Servers.

But I Am Here To Present The Fresh Start Of Our Oldest Server


Koofs {VS} Noobs 



[General Server Info]

This Server Is Based On The Good Vs Evil Idea. 2 Teams One Fight Against The Other To Earn Adena And Reputation.But Its Presented With A Unique Way And A Custom Server Mode Developed By L2mafia.net Team.
We First Called It Koofs Vs Noobs Faction Server! First Time Server Opened 6 Years Ago And Remained Successfully Online All Theese Years!
Now Its Time For The Reborn Of A Legend!  Server will Open At 25/10/2013 !! 


[beta Phase Results]


We Have Successfully Completed The Beta Test Period Which Lasted 5 Days:


-Max Online Players On Beta: 327 

-Avg Online Players: 183

-Total PvP Kills In 5 Days: 198.791 

-Number Of Seriously Bug Reports: 0

-Number Of General Bug Reports: 12

-Number Of Bugs Fixed: 12

-Server Rate After Players Vote: 8,3/10

-Max Ping For Eu Players: 83 ms

-Max Ping For Non Eu Players: 156 ms


[server Updates And Info]


Even The Succeed Of The Server ( 6 Years Online With No Wipe )

6 Years Are Too Much For This Reason We Have Added Many New Features To Our New Server

I will post some of them here , but is impossible to mention them all.




[Party Adena Distribution]
As Soon As The Adena System Completely Depends On The PvP Kills You Get It Would Be Hard For Assist Chars Like Bishop To Take Adena , For That Reason We Developed A System So As The Adena In A Party Will Be Distributed The Way You Choose!
1) By Turn: Every Time One Party Member Takes The Reward No Matter Who Took The PvP!
2) Finders Keepers: Who Takes The PvP Takes The Reward Even If He Is In A Party .


3) Random: Each Time The Adena Goes Randomly To A Party Member
L2mafia Koofs Vs Noobs Uses A Custom Siege System. Sieges Will Take Place Every Week . During Siege Time Koofs And Noobs Are Able To Attack Even Their Own Faction . Teleport To Sieges Is Easy And Fun Just Type ".tocastle" And You Will Auto Teleported To The Castle . All Members Of A Clan Holding A Castle Are Heroes For The Time The Hold The Castle.
-Armors Max Enchant = +16  || Safe = +6
-Weapons Max Enchant = +16 || Safe = +6
-Jewels Max Enchant = +16 || Safe = +6
-Normal Scroll Rate: 73% Blessed Scroll Rate: 73%
He Have Added Some Cool Custom Features On Enchant System That Will Keep Balance Between New And Old Players And Will Provide You A More Intersting GamePlay.
-Max Enchant Normal Scroll = +10
-Max Enchant Blessed Scroll = +16
Blessed Scrolls Cost More Adenna So Enchant After +10 Get A Bit Harder ! 
[Daily PvP Score]
Each PvP A Faction Gets Their Score Increases By One, This Score Refreshes Daily So You Can See Every Days Total Noob And Koof Kills ... But Thats Not All... Every 100 PvP A Faction Makes All Their Online Players Take A Reward Of 3 Adena
[Clan Points]
Well In Most Cases Gathering Clan Points Its Boring And Needs Tons Of Time... Not Here , You Can Obtain 5.000 Clan Points From A Custom Item Drops From Bosses (1 Per Boss) 2 From The Clan Raid!
[Clan Skills]
You Need Clan Skills? You Must Fight To Obtain Them. Each PvP You Get From An Enemy Clan You Get An Extra Reward Item. You Must Use It To Take Clan Skills.
[Auto Change PvP Zone]
We Have Developed More Than 100 PvP Zones , Server Will Change The PvP Zones Randomly Over The Time!
[Faction Bosses]
Some Of Ur PvP Areas Are Including Some Special Faction Bosses , The Faction That Kills The Boss Takes Rewards.
[Killing Spree And Killing Spree Break]
5 kills: Is Dominating With 5 Kills!
7 kills: Had A Monster Kill With 7 Kills!
9 kills: Is On Extacy With 9 Kills!
12 kils:  Is Godlike With 12 Kills!
killing Spree Break: When A Player Kills A Player That Has More Than 5 Kills Without To Die Gets An Extra Reward Of +2 Adena And Announces The Killing Spree Break:
Player X Has Ended Players Y Party!
[balanced Donates]
The only donates will be Change Faction , Rebase , Rename To Maintain Server Balance!


[Why To Choose Us]


L2mafia.net Is One Of The Oldest Lineage2 Servers Remaining Online. Our Staff Has More Than 8 Years Expirience And We Can Guarantee Extremely High Services.

All Our Servers Are DDos Protected By A Protection System Developed By L2mafia.net

We Have Our OWN Datacenter Wich Means We Fix Ourselfs Any Problem In Less Than 10 Minutes.

We Are Backuping Our Servers 24 Times A Day (once every hour) That Means No Rollbacks For Any Reason And No Data Loss 

We Have Nothing To Proove  Our History Speaks For Us ,6 Years 5 GameServers Total Wipes 1

Want Someone You Can Trust? And Not Just Loose All Your Progress In A Day? 

We Are The People You Are Looking For!



After 8 Years Of Experience We Know What Players Want


For More Info


JOIN L2Mafia.net

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