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hellbound [L2J] L2-Dragon


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L2-Dragon.net is a brand new L2 server that simulates a game environment similar 
to the game Lineage II. 
✓ Server version High Five , our files are private & better in every aspect
than most private projects,
✓ And we claim this not by arrogance but by knowledge & experience in last 5 years . 
✓ This is a fact, and all are challenged to join and fight like old times!! 


Server use L2J - United files with much years experience developers



  • ✓ Rate EXP x20
    ✓ Rate SP x20
    ✓ Rate Party EXP x2.0
    ✓ Rate Party SP x2.0 
    ✓ Rate Drop Items x15
    ✓ Rate Drop Spoil x20
    ✓ Rate Drop Adena x20
    ✓ Rate Quest Reward x4 
    ✓ Rate Quest Reward XP x4
    ✓ Rate Quest Reward SP x4
    ✓ Rate Quest Reward Recipe x1
    ✓ Rate Quest Reward Adena x2
    ✓ Rate Grand Boss Items x3 
    ✓ Rate Grand Boss Jewelry x1 


  • ✓ Max Buff Amount: 24+4 
    ✓ Max Dance Amount: 14 
    ✓ Safe Item Enchant: +4 
    ✓ Max Item Enchant: +16 
    ✓ Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 66%
    ✓ Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 66% 
    ✓ Element Stone Rate: 50% 
    ✓ Element Crystal Rate: 30% 
    ✓ Auto Drop Loop: Enable
    ✓ Player's Spawn Protect: 60 seconds 
    ✓ Max Run Speed: 250 
    ✓ Max PCrit Rate: 500 
    ✓ Max MCrit Rate: 200 
    ✓ Max PAtk Speed: 1500 
    ✓ Max MAtk Speed: 1999 
    ✓ Max Evasion: 200 
    ✓ Max Subclass: 3 
    ✓ Max Subclass Level: 85
    ✓ Subclass without quest 
    ✓ Weight Limit: 10 
    ✓ Subclass certification working properly
    ✓ Olympiad Min Players: 6 Classed/Non-Classed 
    ✓ Olympiad Min Players: 3 Party 
    ✓ Spoil Blue Mobs - Yes 
    ✓ Delevel decrease skills level also !


  • ✓ H5 Items,skills and quests.
    ✓ Frintezza, Freya, Zaken
    ✓ Olympiad Quests Working
    ✓ Dragon Valley and Lair of Antharas updated to H5.
    ✓ Nevit's Blessing, Hunting Bonus working.


  • ✓ Hellbound works up to 11 lvl
    ✓ 7s quests work 
    ✓ 7s instances work
    ✓ Nornils Garden instance
    ✓ Mithril Mine instance 
    ✓ Steel Citadel 
    ✓ Kamalokas 
    ✓ Sel Mahum Training Ground- Retail Like
    ✓ Chamber Of Delusion
    ✓ Naia Tower + Beleth
    ✓ Seed of Anihilation + Raid Bosses Torumba/Taklacan/Dopagen - Retail Like
    ✓ Seed of Anihilation farming zone 
    ✓ Crystal Cavern 
    ✓ Talismans 
    ✓ Seed of Destruction + Raid Boss Tiat - Retail Like
    ✓ Seed of Infinity + The Two Brothers instance - Retail Like

✰Achievements Titles

☺ Mob Kills Obtained by killing mobs in your level range (+- 9 levels) 
☺ Event Participation Obtained by participating at events. 
☺ PvP Kills Obtained by PvP fights. You won't obtain points for killing clan mates or killing 
same player multiple times ☺ Siege PvP Kills Obtained by PvP fights on Sieges. You won't obtain
points for killing siege
side mates or killing same player multiple times 
☺ Pk Kills Obtained by PK fights. You won't obtain points for killing clan mates or killing
same player multiple times
☺ Raid Slayer Obtained by participating in Raid fights. 
☺ GrandBoss Slayer Obtained by participating in Grand Boss fights. 
☺ Treasure Hunter Obtained by searching for Treasure Chests. 
☺ Enchanter Obtained by successfull enchants. 
☺ Star Stone Collector Obtained by collecting Star Stones. 
☺ Seed Energy Farmer Obtained by farming seed energies. 
☺ Fisher Obtained by fishing. 
☺ Quester Obtained by finishing one time and daily Quests.

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we will post today in website about OBT i think we will can open test server for tomorrow , we used configuring from old server who is fixed of high stage but we make rework of all formulasabout active /passive skills and debuff that is important where we all need check  


My contact in skype is  " l2-dragon " if someone need more info about server please make private msg there 

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new server for money?


as always servers with developers with new accs, will be some awesome!


Servers for money have life from 2-3 weeks we are make it for long life & to have good place for playing , because seen there are missing ! We are not hide our work we are experience lineage 2 team how  i say everyone can ask me in skype and i will explain .Most people know me like developer Death from them old servers 

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We're preparing for a grand start the test server is about to be started (10.10.2013) around 20:00:00 GMT + 2.
We'll have custom anti-bot protection so we are going to get rid of all nasty bots, sniffers, and so on (That doesn't includes clickers yet).

System folder will be uploaded with the test server start.
Dragon Team.

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