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interlude [Interlude L2J] L][Crysis PvP Server


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Welcome To Our Brand New Interlude PvP Server


-=Server Rates=-


10000x Exp.


10000x SP


10000x Adena


500x Drops


500x Spoil




-=Enchant Rates=-

Weapons: 55%

Armors: 55%

Jewels: 55%

Safe: +5

Maximum: +16

Normal Scrolls: Break Item

Blessed Scrolls: 100% Safe




-=Server Information=-




9h Buffs

Cursed Weapons

Auto-Learn Skills


GM Shop - You can buy anything you want.WARNING: There Is A Shop For Every Grade (D Grade Weapons - D Grade Armor - C Grade Weapons etC)

GateKeeper - You can teleport to any place you want.

NPC Buffer - Gives support magic to help you in game.

Misc Shop - You can buy consumables items like potions,scrolls etc

Newbie NPC Buffer: Gives to you support magic to help you exping.It gives you only level 1 prophet buffs.

Class Changer - You can change your class there.

Wedding Priest - You can marry other players.

Working Features:

Wedding System

Clan System

Fishing System

Olympiad System

Sub-Class System

Noblesse System

Clan Halls System

Duel System

Hero System

Augmentation System

Fortress Siege System

Enchant Skills System



-=Server Machine=-



Intel Core 2 Quad 2,4 GHz


Operating System: Windows XP

Internet Speed: 32Mbps Line


-=Website & Patch=-


Server Website: http://l2crysis.freehostia.com/


Server Forum http://l2crysisforum.freehostia.com/



Until Our Site Will Be Created You Can Join Our Server Updated From Here


Download Link: Tommorow ^^


(is on my Premium Account On RS so this link is never gonna be "dead" :P)


In Order To Connect You Have To:


-Extract L2Crysis.rar

-Take All Folders Inside L2 Crysis Patch Folder And Put Them Into Your Lineage II Folder

- Open System --> And Start L2.exe

- Have Fun :D

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as the server is down ... thread closed


waiting till u put it online .. dont open and close the server .. or when u close the server close the thread too .. because of spammers

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610 upload this is joke or what ?


this is my internet connection dude not servers . . .




Good Server Nice Job


You Don't Even Have An Account . . . So How You Know That The Server Is Good ?



EDIT: Server Website Added + New Patch


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Guest skaros

Im the server gm and im informing u

that the server is changing from hellbound

to interlude.Be patient... it will re-open better than ever :D

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if you fix ALL the bugs then i will make him again tou Hellbound now i have to make him interlude in order to have a safe server . . .


wtf ... IL has more bugs than CT1.5 .. i heard this too ^^

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its true, Hellbound have much more bugs then Interlude, but if you search a All tested Hellbound pack and if you do your server with it, if was well tested you will not have much problems... but you know... One time i had to cancel and wipe one server mine cuz hellbound had much problems, and i re-opened with interlude ( no bugs ^^), max players on-line i had was 35 in one week server opened, but when i change ISP server crushed xD

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well i cant say it's one of the best servers i played but it's ok ... when i log in server rr all the time and was a bit lagy but i think if more ppl join then u will raise your internet speed ^^ and more pvp

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