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How to get into baium room with out quest


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for this you need a doom cryer in your pt and he should have blood fabric

the doom cryer go near  vortex and sumon his pt , dont accepte sumon yet

when doom cryer enter to baium accept sumon and u will find ure self with him into the room  :D

already tested in DN x15


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well if u want to kill baium there is 1 more easy way, if the server have bad geodata is more simple to use /target baium from 13 floor and kill it in that floor (this works in many l2 java whit bad geodata)


For example we do this 1 time ago in L2 Dark Nest


But Its a good idea i will try it

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Well , In One Server I Used To Play ( I Won't Say Name Since It's Closed )


I Was Going To Baium With A Very Noobish Trick..


I Was Running Towards To The Door And When I Reach Near It , I Pressed Logout / Restart


I Was Logging In , And I Was Inside The Room...


Well , The Geodata Should Be A Little Crap! xD

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well guys there's another way of entering the baium's room but 1 person needs to have the quest made:


1st) 1 person does the quest

2nd) Must be married with another character

3rd) every1 who is going to the baium must go to the clan all

4th) every1 at the clan hall puts follow at the one whos married with the other guy that is at baium's romm

5th) the married guy that is at the clan hall uses go to love

6th) every1 wait's some time till the guy who's married reachs the baium's room

7th) every1 does restart at the game and i think it will appear at baium's room


not 100% sure if it works


just tryied in1 server

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