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Magkess heelppp!



Re paidia e3igiste m giati exo gm shop kai eixa ftiaxei mia xara ta custom items dld nobless items,hero coin clan eggs kai diafora kai piga kai ebala copy paste apo ena allo arxeio ta tatoos alla tora ta esbisa kai m deixnei kati alles mlks miscs pragmata ti ekna la8oss helpp:edo ein to  opos to exw


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>


<!-- Custom Shop -->



  <!-- [book of giant] -->

  <item id="1">

    <ingredient id="57" count="150"/>

      <production id="6622" count="1"/>



<!--Formal Wear  -->

  <item id="2">

    <ingredient id="57" count="80"/>

      <production id="6408" count="1"/>



<!-- Fighter Tattoo -->

  <item id="3">

    <ingredient id="57" count="450"/>

    <production id="491" count="1"/>



<!-- Mage Tattoo -->

  <item id="4">

    <ingredient id="57" count="450"/>

    <production id="493" count="1"/>



<!-- Greater CP Potion -->

  <item id="5">

    <ingredient id="57" count="300"/>

    <production id="5592" count="200"/>



  <!-- [Gold Bar] -->

  <item id="6">

    <ingredient id="57" count="40"/>

    <production id="3470" count="1"/>



  <!-- [Greater CP Potion]

  <item id="7">

    <ingredient id="4037" count="2000"/>

    <production id="5592" count="150"/>



  <!--Earth Egg: A-Grade -->

  <item id="8">

    <ingredient id="57" count="100"/>

    <production id="8166" count="5"/>



  <!-- Destruction Tombstone -->

  <item id="9">

    <ingredient id="57" count="100"/>

    <production id="8176" count="5"/>



  <!-- Dragon Heart: A-Grade -->

  <item id="10">

    <ingredient id="57" count="100"/>

    <production id="8163" count="5"/>



  <!-- Nonliving Nucleus: A-Grade -->

  <item id="11">

    <ingredient id="57" count="100"/>

    <production id="8169" count="5"/>



  <!-- Memento Mori: A-Grade -->

  <item id="12">

    <ingredient id="57" count="100"/>

    <production id="8160" count="5"/>



  <!-- Angelic Essence: A-Grade -->

  <item id="13">

    <ingredient id="57" count="100"/>

    <production id="8172" count="5"/>



  <!-- Cradle of Creation -->

  <item id="14">

    <ingredient id="57" count="100"/>

    <production id="8175" count="5"/>



  <!-- Quest item Proof of blood -->

  <item id="15">

    <ingredient id="57" count="80"/>

    <production id="1419" count="1"/>



  <!-- Quest item Proof of Alliance -->

  <item id="16">

    <ingredient id="57" count="80"/>

    <production id="3874" count="1"/>



  <!-- Quest item Proof of Aspiration -->

  <item id="17">

    <ingredient id="57" count="80"/>

    <production id="3870" count="1"/>



    <!-- Top ls 76 -->

  <item id="18">

    <ingredient id="57" count="75"/>

    <production id="8762" count="1"/>



  <!-- Hero Coin (1Day) -->

  <item id="19">

    <ingredient id="57" count="850"/>

    <production id="3481" count="1"/>



<!--Nobless Items -->

  <item id="20">

    <ingredient id="57" count="400"/>

    <production id="6673" count="1"/>





sas parakalwww helpp!!

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