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aCis - How to get access.


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Freemium is often used in MMO industry : it's the fact to give access to a free content for all, but locking some aspects of gameplay/features for subscribers.

On aCis, the concept is similar, but there is a big difference in the term you can CONTRIBUTE and get updates for free. So yes, contributors got more powers than customers, which got themselves more powers than free users.

In that topic you will find informations concerning :

  • Types of groups
  • Price
  • Terms of Agreement



  • A free revision will be shared every 10 revisions steps (ex : I commit rev 300, I will share rev 290 for free).
  • The free users got no support, nor hotfix. They use old sources with unfixed stuff, free to them to update sources themselves (based on next free sources or no), share in order to get free updates (and becoming an IC member), or pay in order to be up-to-date (customer).
  • Free users can contribute to project using free sources, and be rewarded for their work (see contributor section).


  • You will have access to latest sources and diff patches.
  • Access to custom && FAQ boards.
  • I will give support for any issue concerning the pack itself. I don't busy about your customs.
  • You can evolve from customer to Outer/Inner Circle status if you're an active member, as free users can do aswell.
  • You haven't access to SVN / Timeline.



As you pay per revision and not by delay, it means you can have to wait for revisions (average is 1 rev / 3 days). Any whine concerning revision delay will be automatically dropped.

  • Free users as customers can reach that status sharing.
  • New/old helpers are part of Outer Circle. It's a needed step in order to enter in Inner Circle. They got access to few internal boards.
  • Main contributors are rewarded by Inner Circle status, they got access to SVN / Timeline, got access to all boards and don't pay any fee.
  • That access is maintained until they stop to contribute or contribution amount becomes too low.


  • A subscription begins during a revision "cycle" (a stack of 10 revisions, going from 0 to 9). Ppl who donate during a "cycle" will see either their subscription delayed to next cycle beginning, or activated to the beginning of the current cycle.
  • The price is as following : 10 euros minimum (for 10 revs). I only accept multiples of 10 (10, 20, 30, 40...).
  • Payed via Paypal, as a "gift" on that address : dragonlords@hotmail.fr. If your country hasn't a "gift" button, you will have to pay Paypal tax for me : add 10% to the total amount you wanted to donate, and use either "goods" or "service" buttons.
  • If your payment doesn't follow my conditions, your payment will be returned back.
  • Once you donated, send me a PM on that forum or on MxC in order I agree to setup your forum account.


Using aCis, you accept the following:

  • You can't sell aCis pack, customized or not.
  • You can't share any revision posterior to current free revision.
  • aCis forks are allowed for following conditions:
    • Your pack stays open source (in order useful fixes can be used in the main pack).
    • You can use any of the free versions as base.
    • You don't update it with revisions posterior to current free revision.

Breaking rules lead to following punishements:

  • As Customer/Inner Circle, an immediate forum rank drop. In case you donated, I won't refund your money.
  • No support of any kind.
  • A boycott of your pack, notably your marketing topics, no matter used forums.
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