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[SHARE] Weight bug


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Hi I found this bug on internetz and will share it.

its a weight bug if u have to much weight and cant move.

Ok u have to much weight , find any person or friend and make /trade with him , than deposit items to trade bar but dont press OK , when u deposite items just walk, go to town warehouse cancel trade ant deposit items to wh :)

i tested it on some l2j/l2off servers it works , but can be fixed on most servers

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nu jeskojau per search bet neradau tokiu temu , angliskai nelabai moku  :-[

I used search but i didnt find anything cuz I dont know english well and dont know what to write, tried to write weight bug but dont found

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Man tai kas rasyk kiek lenda :D nekainuoja man tik tai kad jie siulo perspejimus ;D o papildomi postai nepamaisys... gal paprasom admino kad duodu kampeli LT ? :D gal kas tai apsiimtu daryti...

tu skaitai mano mintis apie lt kampeli vakar pagalvojau galvoju ryt admin paprasyt reiks  :D

U read my mind :D

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