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Hello everybody,

Welcome to our Website Templates/Themes boards.At the board's title says here we will sharing ONLY resources such as web templates or forum themes.

However, in order to keep those section up and running, we need some rules and that's the purpose of this topic.



How to Share

  • Add the suitable prefix/tag to your topic title!
  • Search before you make a new topic.
  • Any share with porn content is not allowed.Breaking this rule will result into your insta punishment and the deletion of the topic aswell.
  • Having another site's password for your file is not allowed.
  • Sharing things that are not yours is allowed providing that the creator allows you to share them.You ARE OBLIGATED TO GIVE THE PROPER CREDITS.
  • Having a picture and a detailed description along with your link to the file would be ideal."
  • Replies like "thx,good pack,downloading" are considered as spam replies.Such replies will be deleted w/o any notice and you will be punished.



Please, make sure to follow every single rule that's posted above so that we will encounter no problem.



Thanks for reading

MaxCheaters.com staff


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