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I am playing to a server that have 15 subclases and the skils stuck and i ask u people what subclases i must do to have the best destro in game the first  subclases i done was my main overlord and the subclass destroyer tell me what other ineed to do to have good stats

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lol..so lame...




1.Overlord (soul toggles + victories of paagrio)

2. Destroyer

3. Shillien Knight

4. Bishop (body of avatar)

5. Elemental Summoner (for dot cubic + life cubic)

6. Phantom Summoner (spark cubic)

7. Arcana Lord (queen gift buff)

8. Tyrant (atk speed toggle)

9. Gladiator (maybe u like to play in human stats)

10. Plains Walker (to play in elf stats + accuracy toggle + that skill that removes target)

11. Abyss Walker (for d.elf stats + accuracy passive at night)

12. Warsmith (for dwarf stats..they have huge hp and decent str..plus more DEX than Orc)

13. SwordSinger (if ur server npc doesnt give all songs)

14. BladeDancer (same as above)

15. Evas Saint (for dark resist buffs)


i really dunno...maybe if weapon and armor stacks ud like to have Warlord passives too for pole..i dunno how ur server works so i cant help much


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15? xD


well for start u should make if u r destroyer are:


1) tyrant (totems)

2) paladin (more p def)

3) Overlord (more p def)

4) treasure hunter

5) gladietor

6) warlock

7) Silver Ranger (if u will use bow)

8) phantom summoner

9) warlord

10) Shilen kingth

11) blade dancer

12) temple nigth

13) plains walker

14) bishop

15) bounty hunter


Well this would be my choise xD

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