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Chars at NCWest,Core Innova.

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NC West


- Human Female 91 lvl Aeore Healer -- 75 Hawkeye -- 68 WC  --

Immortal robe set +4 3x60 attr,Apo caster +acumen.


- Human Female 88 Iss Enchanter --

Basic R equipment.


- DE Male 89 lvl 40% Othell Rogue--Dualclass 85 lvl Feoh---Sub 70 lvl WC---

Twilight leather set,Rudolf agathion and some useful items.

+86 lvl Tyrr Warrior in the account.


- Dwarf Male 87 lvl Iss Enchanter--Dualclass 85 lvl Aeore Healer--

Basic R gear,Apoc dual blunts,Moirai Breastplate with Santa Outfit,Zaken Spiritswords,lots of mats in WH.


- Human Female 89 50% lvl Wynn--Sub 70 lvl EE--

Immortal set,Apocalypse bow+damage.


- Kamael Female 87 lvl Feoh Wizard -

Twilight Robe set + Apo Buster+4+acumen+empower+300 attr.



- Dwarf female 87 lvl Othell rogue--Dualclass 87 lvl Aeore healer--

Twilight robe set,apo caster,Twilight jewels,100kk adena,plenty of items from events.


- Human male 88 lvl Sigel Knight

Basic R gear


Core Innova

PREMIUM Account untill 31.07.2013

female Kamael Feoh Wizard 88 lvl --- 91 lvl tyrr doombringer dual class --- 70 arbalester ---

TW Heavy set with Alluring Swimsuit appearance,Apo spear +Fire

+87/87 dwarf male othell windrider/sigel phoenix knight in the account.


Most of the account's are mine , so i can pass u the email too.

All char's have nice nickname's!


Accepting paypal only.For any additional information u can mail me at psygone@rocketmail.com or skype: affection,

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