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L2Ethereal - International Server






Main Features:

> Exp: x250

> SP: x250

> Party EXP: x2

> Drop: x250

>Chronicle: Hi5


Server Events:

> Zombie Event

> Hidden Seek

> Advanced TvT Event (change of map everytime & first blood)

> CTF Event (change of map everytime)

> Death Match (change of map everytime)

And alot more...!



Server NPCs:

> Scheme Buffer (include pet buffer)

> GM Shop (Full)

> Event Manager

> Delevel Manager

> PvP/PK Ranking NPC

> Augumentation NPC

And alot more!!



Server Enchant Rates & limites:

> Safe Enchant: +3

> Max Enchant: +16

> Normal Enchant Chance: 75%

> Blessed Enchant Chance: 80%

> Max Attribute: 4 Level

> Attribute chance: 75%


Server Zones:

> Farm Zone

> PvP Zone (auto nobless & respawn)

> Special RB Zone

Bonus Features:

> .buffer (buff yourself everywhere you want. No oly/combat & flagged.

> .user (allow you to control features for your character)

> .profile (show your pvp/oly/event status)



Server Specs:

- Intel Core2Duo 3.0GHZ.

- 32 GB RAM.

- 2 x 300GB Fujitsu 15000 rpm SCSI HD.


DDoS protection & Bot Protection:

> We have LameGuard protection.

- DDoS protection & Mashine back protection.

- No Hacking to our mashine is possible!






The server is not mine i found it and i think its what i search for, thats why i wanna make it famous!

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