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[Request]Pride items

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Hy all i want some custom things but i don't fanind them if samuan have Dual Tears of a Fallen Angel,God's Blade,Dragon's Tooth,Dual Tears of a Fallen Angel,God's Blade,MoFo-Slicer,Titanium  Armor(set),Dread  Armor(set),Gm weapon end more custom items or armor for Interlude(Emu pack)

End now why i post hear becaus ii see on request pag nowan loak the.

Sorry end if u have pose hear ..

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I Don't Understand Clearly What Do U Want.

The Sure Thing Is That U Are In The Wrong Section...


Anyway Dread Armor Is Tallum Robe With Other Stats / Name  Etc....


Titanium Armor Is Appela Armor. Just Change Its Stats / Name And u Are Done.


Dual Tears of Fallen Angel , Was Shared By Me.


Just Search A Little. God's Blade Too ( By Gangsta )


Dragon's Tooth Can Be Found Too... ( It Has Been Shared By CriticalError )


About The MoFo-Slicer , I Haven't Heard It Never...


I Hope I Helped.


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Tears of Fallen Angel  :




About The God's Blade ,


Search And u will Find It..


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Well , They Dont Need 200 POsts..



Anyway Take It...

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