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Lineage2 gamemaster application

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I Think i have what it takes to be a gm but only u can judge my skills well hf looking at my application hope u won`t be disappointed

Well Here It Goes


Location Greek-thessaloniki but i was born at slovakia and live in greece since 2004

Name - Sakis

Age - 18

About me? Well i can be very strict , friendly , it depends of the current situation of the event taking place , i think im mature enough to be a gm

Years experience with lineage 2 About 5 as a GM 2 years there was a brief period of time when i was devoloping stuff

Time available: Per Day about 5 - 6 hours (My timezone is +GMT 02:00)

L2 serv played as a normal player : Well i have been playing since c3 in many serv like Zeus , Revolution , Dex , L2off(for a short period of time) , L2pvpx , and many others

GM experience : Well i have been gm on c3/c4/c5/c6 Chronicles i know how to use my rights in the finest way(that includes gm commands,setting up events, and etc) (i m not some corrupted kiddo that ruins the serv) And When A player needs support , help , information i m always there to help

i m always avaible in the msn, email or etc

Language knowledge : ATM i Know English , Greek , Slovak ,czech

How Can i be found ?: well i usually check my emails for new things and my emails are : Tsaki.lineage2@outlook.com

Skype : SkreamNoizee

whyy Do i wanna be a gm so badly ? :To help to create a great community and raise a great l2 server


If someone want help with his server can find me at my e-mail



Please don't make bad comments if you don't know me,

Thanks by the way

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