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Othel Rogue 99/95/80/72

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Female Light Elf Othel Rogue 99

Dual Class: 95 Yul Archer

Sublcasses: 80 and 72


Weapon: Bound Specter Dual Dagger +4 Damage 300 with Passive Clarity Skill Augment


Sets: Eternal Leather Armor Set 1548 Element (Bound)

Seraph Leather Armor Set 1620 Element (Bound)

Twilight Leather Armor Set 900 Element (Bound)


DYES: +5 STR +1 DEX + 25 Ele Resist


OE Skills: +10 Blood Stab, +10 Heartbreaker, +10 Hide, +8 Chain Blow, +8 Reverse, others +5 +6 +7, passives +5 and +6


Others: Seraph Jewels +3, Enchanced Istina Bracelet, Enchanced Octavis Bracelet, Hellfire Talisman, Stats Shirt, 140 Energy of Destruction, Freya Cloak, etc



Looking for 850 USD

Offers are welcome :)

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