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[HELP]Olympiad period



paidia exw provima sto olympiad...

Perimenw ta hero na vgoune toso kairo kai akoma tpt...Exei perasei misos minas...Exw perasei sta config ana vdomada na vgenune..Auto p skeftomai einai pws t mera p oloi t anigoume enan server de ftiaxnume prwta t config px ths olympiad k borei apo auto nanai default kai na t travikse etsi apo t arxh gia kana mina t hero.. t 9ema einai meta 9a ftiaxei?De 9elw na t kanw manual epeidh prepei na vgazw egw t hero meta ka9e fora...ena automato oly zitaw...

Information :

Pack l2jfrozen

olympiad config :



#                      Oly Settings                    #


#        Pack: l2jfrozen Site: www.l2jfrozen.com      #



# Olympiad Start Time in Military hours Default 6pm (18)

# Default: 18

AltOlyStartTime = 18


# Olympiad Start Time for Min's, Default 00 so at the start of the hour.

# Default: 00

AltOlyMin = 00


# Olympiad Competition Period, Default 6 hours.

# (If set different, should be increment by 10mins)

# Default: 21600000

AltOlyCPeriod = 21600000


# Olympiad Battle Period, Default 6 minutes.

# Default: 360000

AltOlyBattle = 360000


# Olympiad Weekly Period, Default 1 week

# Used for adding points to nobles

# Default: 604800000

AltOlyWPeriod = 604800000


# Olympiad Validation Period, Default 24 Hours.

# Default: 86400000

AltOlyVPeriod = 86400000


# Required number of participants for Classed and Non-Classed matches, Default 5 & 9

AltOlyClassedParticipants = 4

AltOlyNonClassedParticipants = 2


# Olympiad battle winner reward for class and non-class games..

# Default: 6651 (Gate Pass)

AltOlyBattleRewItem = 6651

# Reward for class battle Default: 30

AltOlyClassedRewItemCount = 30

# Reward for non-class battle Default: 50

AltOlyNonClassedRewItemCount = 10



# Rewards for battle

# Minimum points for exchanges "nobless gate pass", default is 50

AltOlyMinPointForExchange = 50

# ID prizes, 6651 (Gate Pass)

AltOlyCompRewItem = 6651

# Rate to exchange points to reward item.

AltOlyGPPerPoint = 1000


# Noblesse points awarded to Heros.

# Like L2OFF is 100

AltOlyHeroPoints = 100


# Restrict specified items in Olympiad. ItemID's need to be separated with a comma (ex. 1,200,350)

AltOlyRestrictedItems = 0


# Allow events during Olympiad period

AllowEventsDuringOly = True


# Recharge skills before match starts and after match ends

# Default: False

AltOlyRechargeSkills = False


# Remove all cubics from the player that enter on Olympiad stadium

# C4 patch note: Summons/Cubics do not disappear but are moved to the tournament arena together with their masters.

# Default: False

RemoveCubicOlympiad = True


# Olympiad Managers announce each start of fight.

# Like L2OFF is False

AltOlyAnnounceGames = False


# Active Olympiad log

AlyOlyLogFights = True


# Allow on Olympiad the use of the Augment

# Like L2OFF is True

AltOlyAugmentAllow = False


# Like L2OFF is True

AltOlyShowMonthlyWinners = False


# Set the number of hero for each class

# Retail = 1

AltOlyNumberHerosEachClass = 1


# Disable skills during Olympiad

# Retail = 0

AltOlyRestrictedSkills = 0


# Move player to arena countdown

# Like L2OFF is 120

AltOlyTeleportCountDown = 60


# You can decide if enable custom period setting feature. Once enabled,

# Alt Oly period: MONTH/DAY/WEEK

# es. 2weeks-->AltOlyPeriod=WEEK and AltOlyPeriodMultiplier=2

AltOlyUseCustomPeriodSettings = True

AltOlyPeriod = WEEK

AltOlyPeriodMultiplier = 1


olympiad.cfg info :


#Olympiad Properties

#Fri Mar 29 15:05:07 EET 2013


NextWeeklyChange_DateFormat=30 \u039C\u03B1\u03C1 2013 5\:12\:51 \u03BC\u03BC



OlympiadEnd_DateFormat=1 \u0391\u03C0\u03C1 2013 12\:00\:00 \u03BC\u03BC






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