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[L2OFF] L2-EuA x5 C1 SERVER LIVE.!!!


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......Loading Server Background :


We all remember the good old days and servers as l2world, l2extreme, isogames, pvpx, l2paradise, l2ES? Times when L2 was all about fun, when servers were unique and custom,

hade alot of bad shit but still was fun to play on as it was based on the good old chronicles.


As we all know, todays private servers are more or less all the same, they use the same files, same rates , same customs and so on.

As a player today when you try to choose a server to make your "home" you try to find a server thats the less corrupted and have the most players online,

but sadly most servers are corrupted and overloaded with f****up donations, there is nothing new, nothing unique anymore and thats sad to see.


SO we decided to bring you a server you never have seen before, a server mixed with only the good stuff from almost all chronicle and based on the

best chornicle ever, a server thats balanced but still unique in its own way. Maybe you will say, booooring or lame, well the server aint for everyone, it will be

a server for the players tierd of jumping from server to server trying to find a good, soild base to stay on, were dontions dont -beep- up the server or are

needed for the server to stay alive, no corruption all over the server, bad administration and no respons from game masters, its not the lates chronicle with the lates addons from ncsoft, NO this is a server that will give

you as a player the opposit, now you maybe think thats to good to be true or yeye his bullshitting to get players? Nah not realy its just plain fact what

we old players want to see on the market for private servers.



......Loading Server Information:


Server will be based on the 32 bits server core, to get the correct old feeling of the game, were you still could powerlevel level 1 chars, were you could pk without

ending the story line for you character for good, old school skins for the armors and weapons, small world map to keep players close and incrase the pvp activity, no boss jewls, no 3rd classes, not a milion diffrent grades.

No what we will offer you are the good old fun but with tweaks thats actully ncsoft did good in the new chronicles, this dosent mean we will take everything, nono just some small parts from diffrent

chronicles we think are good to balance and make the server a little more fun, little more unique and expand the gameplay to another level.



......Loading Server Features:


Chronicle: based on C1

Client: Based on C1

Rates: XP: 5 / SP: 6 / Adena: 6 / Drop Chanse: 5 /  Spoil Chanse: 5

Areas: C1 map with special ToI

Classchange: Can be bought for adena at a high rate els quests.

NpcBuffer: No.

GmShop: Will have 1st and 2nd class buyable for adena and Soulshot/Spiritshot for the first couple of weeks to cgrade

Premium: Yes boosts xp and sp by x2 (the only thing you can donate for)

Newbie Helper: Helps you to trade your lower NG equipment to top NG equipment

Skills: Minor Custom skill list for all classes, detailed information will fallow.

Weapons: Ng-Bgrade ( custom will be able to be obtained from the special area).

Armors: Ng-Bgrade ( custom will be able to be obtained from the special area).

Jewls: Ng-Bgrade (no boss jewls).



Webpage: Here

Register: Here

Forum:  Here


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    • I have a problem respawning bosses too. Though, probably I made a mistake and changed the multipliers of minimum and maximum to 0.0 from 1.0. Then I thought that this may mess up with the whole system, so I changed it back, I w8d 12 hours and bosses are still nowhere to be found, then I changed the multiplies to 0.1 and waited for 1 hour and 20 minutes after I reloaded the config. Nothing! Then changed them back to 1.0. I still can't see them around. Did I cause a critical issue or smth?
    • GRAND OPENING - 09.12.2023 - SATURDAY, 18:00+ 1 GMT  We are happy to invite you on the unique project on the HighFive chronicle scene where you can compare forces or cooperate with the international community.   🔰 WEBSITE : http://www.l2tribun.com 🔰 DISCORD : https://discord.gg/3YAjn2PZTE   🔱 Join the Adventure Unveiled! 🔱 Embark on a journey like never before in our L2TRIBUN world and Immerse yourself in a world of magic, mystery, and custom features that will redefine your gaming experience.   Important general information :   Server Base Version: High Five Salvation Client Newest Auto-Farm system Open Auction system Premium Active-Anticheat system (No bots in our project!) International Community Subclass-Certificate system Dynamic Event system (every 1 hour) AutoBuff - 24 buff slots (+4 divine inspiration) and 12 dance and songs slot Advanced ALT+B system (buffer, global teleport, GM shop...and so on Mass pvp on Epic Bosses 4 times per week Gm shop up to low A grade with SA every dropped,crafted gear is high boost for your character!   RATES :  EXP/SP 15x rate Adena 7x rate Drop 7x rate Spoil 7x rate Safe enchant +3  Attribute Drop: x2    RB EXP/SP: x5   RB Drop: x1   ENCHANT RATES :   Weapons : Normal scrolls 65 %,  Blessed Scrolls 60%   Armors : Normal scrolls 65 %,  Blessed Scrolls 60%   Attribute : (LEVEL 0-4) : 50 %   (LEVEL 4-7) : 40% »» GM shop up to top A grade items  »» Starting with extra newbie items of C grade »»  Support NPCs for all general services »» Maximum 3 windows (for stable economy) »» Unlimited Auto-Farm service »» Unlimited Mana Potions »» Class transfer for free (with exception of 3rd class - for amount of adena) »» Free subclass quest »» Olympiad Maximum +6 enchant »» Open Auction system »» Auto learn skills »» Heroes every 7 days »» All needed instances Freya, Frintezza, Zaken »» .party global chat for better regroup players for any action / instance »» Shift+Click on the monster shows you their droplist and chances for drop »» Beleth teleport NPC for easy acces to this Epic Boss »» Donation system setuped to be really affordable »» Cloaks able to wear on any grade and type of armor »» Elaborated community board for very good acess »» Class Balance »» longer-therm project »» Only active members on community ( 0 bots on discord and  0 in game) »» Because of Salvation client no lags in mass pvp  Epic Bosses general timelines We are aware that a lot of players are not big fan of every day action where they are normaly forced to play, by their clans/community or by their own will that they can support their team to win Mass pvp in Epic Boss action Thats why we setuped also in a week free days where the players can focus their time and evening to gear up their character, focus on community, spend time with their families 🔱   Monday – FREE DAY (last day of olympiad, more space to focus on gear, farm, community)   Tuesday – Ant Queen, Orfen , Core   Wednesday – Beleth, Baium   Thursday – Antharas   Friday – FREE DAY (more space to focus on your gear, farm, community)   Saturday – Valakas Sunday - FREE DAY ( Castle Sieges )   All Epics are in timeline – between 20:00-22:00 GMT+1   USEFUL COMMANDS :    .cfg - Character controling panel .acp - Automatic use of CP/HP/MP .unstuck - teleport stucked character back to town .changepassword - account password change .offline - Offline Trading service .combinetalisman - Combine all talismans in inventory .autofarm - Auto-Farm service .premium - Check your premium account status .dressme - Change your visual look to your prefference     We believe that this is in generaly all important informations, however there easily could be that something what would interest you missing there, in that case dont hesitate write here below this topic or write a ticket in our discord I will gladly answer any upcoming questions.   We looking forward 🔱                          
    • Hello i sell a separately server for low rate servers, you can test it on a live server of course. For more info please add me on skype: @IcathiaLord or discord: IcathiaLord#7407
    • hi, this project is on l2jserver? how much actually price?, it work on low rate server? i need to know if all is working fine, because i want to do my server but i dont want fix bugs, i just want to start the server u know.
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