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  1. This RB Observer is working on H5 servers? Ty for share anyways.
  2. Welcome to WoW Shrine! World of Warcraft - Wow Shrine - WotLK x5 (3.3.5a) and MoP x7 servers (No custom) World of Warcraft WotLK and MoP private servers Website: WoTLK server and MoP Server Welcome to our realms. Your Best WoW Private Servers! PvE, x7 [5.4.8 (18414)] Mists of Pandaria PvE, x5 [3.3.5a (12340)] Wrath of the Lich King DISCORD GAME ACCOUNT How to Connect Server Features VOTE Double XP Weekend on both realms *Every weekend. -- DOUBLE XP WEEKEND -- --
  3. What IP's or what info did you see when you use NETSTAT on your server ? Use Cports or TCPView (both are free programs, use google). or You can verify it with following command: # netstat -nr type following command at shell: # route add gw lo (Where is attacker IP). or # route -n You can also use reject target # route add -host IP-ADDRESS reject # route add -host reject To confirm the null routing status, use ip command as follows: # ip route get Drop entire subnet # route add -net gw lo You can also use ip command to null route network or ip, enter: # ip route add blackhole # route -n Good LucK!
  4. Thank You for your suggestion about max. enchant. Good Idea. Maybe 2-25 or 4-20 ..
  6. I need a working L2Day event for Interlude. Thx in advance. Who can help me with some links?
  7. Noone will spend money to DDoS your fresh L2 private server. Maybe only a noob/skiddie. I know, but no real DDoS from here only some skiddies from MXC forum (other server owners) :P You can stop by simply add a router like CISCO with basic protection (a cheap one 150-200$) or any router with basic protection for IP filtering. Or final solution is to NULL Route, a blackhole to ;) Or LoL just restart your server and change your dedicated IP (ask your hosting company). And you're done.
  8. " ALL SERVERS CAN BE CONFIGURED ANTI-DoS (NOT DDoS) from software BUT ONLY FROM COMMANDS!!! YOU NEED TO USE NETSH COMMANDS FOR WINDOWS SERVERS AND COMMANDS FOR LINUX/UNIX SERVERS. YOU CANT CONFIGURE WINDOWS OR LINUX BY MOUSE CLICKS :P HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK! " When a stranger knocks on your door and ring the door bell a few time a week. Yes you can call to Police .. That's true .. but DDoS or DoS it's illegal. That skiddies will be banned by some datacenters and reported to their shity internet providers and banned and restricted also. ^^
  9. Seems Legit. Nice server! Good Luck!
  10. Lineage 2 Scarlet 1000X PvP and PvE -
  11. Bump!
  12. 19 Apr. 2013 | Updates and New Additions for Lineage 2 Scarlet! One New farm zone! "Lost Treasure" Event with great rewards for everyone! "The Lucky Yeti Event" - Another great Find & Kill Event. Level: For all players. Have Fun & Good Luck! -- Thank's everyone for playing and supporting Lineage 2 Scarlet.
  13. Join Us! High Five 1000X!