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hellbound L2J serenity x15 23/2/2013


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    We work hard to open one new and good server for all without op donates or other bad thinks. If you want to join , help you are welcome to our server soon we will open beta server for all to test our work.




    LIVE STATUS 23.02.2013 until than - OPEN BETA




    lameguard bot protection.

    ddos hardware protection.






    Exp: x15

    SP: x15

    Drop: x10

    Spoil: x10

    Adena: x15

    Quest Drop: 5

    Quest Reward: 5

    Quest Exp/SP: 10

    Quest Adena: x10

    RaidBoss Drop: x3

    GrandBoss Drop: x1

    Manor Drop: x2

    Extract Fish: x8




    Safe Enchant: +4

    Maximum Enchant: +16




    Max Buff Amount: 28

    Dances & Songs: 16

    Trigger Buffs: 16

    Auto Loot: Enabled

    Drop Protection: Enabled

    Player Spawn Protection: 30 Seconds

    Weight Limit: x10

    Max Subclasses: 3

    Max Subclass Level: 85

    Subclass Without Quest: Enabled

    Class Master: Enabled

    Auto Learn Skills Include FGS: Enabled






    High Five Features




    New quests, items and skills are working.

    Dragon Valley: New quests, raids, mobs, drops and zone buffs are working.

    Seven Signs: Epic quests and instances working till the very last.

    Olympiad: New stadiums, match details, match spectation and olympiad quests are working.


    Practically, every High Five feature is working, those are just a small example.








    Chamber of Delusion

    Seed of Destruction

    Seed of Infinity

    Kamaloka instaces

    Pailaka instances

    Crystal Caverns

    Tower of Naia

    Steel Citadel

    Tully's Workshop

    Hellbound Town

    Dark Cloud Mansion

    7s Epic Quests

    Zaken Normal and Hard

    Freya Easy and Hard







    Other Info




    All talismans working as they should.

    Mammons in town.

    Many Passive Events.

    Frequent GM Events.

    PC Bang Points system


    gm shop until s grade.


    custom global gk.


    npc scheme buffer.




    Available Voiced Commands


    .openatod [number] - Instantly opens the given number of Ancient Tome of Demon.

    .vote/.reward - You will get an item reward after you have voted for our server.

    .changepassword - Opens a new window, where you can change the password of this account.

    .repair - Opens a window where you can repair a broken character (causing critical error) in your account.




    Intel Core i7-3770

    16 GB DDR3 RAM

    200 GB SATA

    1 Gbit OnBoard

    Hardware ddos protection

    100 Mbit




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