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[Guide] How to record and edit a good vid

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1 the programs we are going to use:



Program to record in game videos. saves  in a format whit out compress for what u will need some space in pc



program to edit the frap video compressing them to make them lighter and reproductivle in any pc



Pack of codecks needed to compress the videos using the using the virtual dub. of all the pack we will use normaly the Divx or Xvid


http://rapidshare.com/files/9884745/Fraps.Dub.Divx.by_Crisz.rar.html <------ the 3 files


1 step recording the video:

1 u download the fraps we have to do a few modifications:



Here there is no need to configurate nothing, although for confort i untag the option that allow fraps to be over the other programs..




let the 1 and 2 option disable , the 3 option allows u to see where the the number of fps (if the number is in red minds u r recording if it is in yellow it minds u r not)




1:this is the place where the secuences will be saved whit out compress.Whit the option change u change his location, and whit the option view u see the actual file

2: the speed of the FPS, recomended 25..

3: the key u will choose to start/stop the recording. u must choose a key that u dont use at game for example -

4: whit Full-Size u record exacly what u see in screen and whit half-Size u record the half of it.

5: to choose if record or not the sound of the game. Depending on your pc this me be distortedand it will also increase the weight of your file. The most recomended is desactivated and add your own music in edition

6: here u choose to add or not the cursor of the game.



2 Step: Compress and edit the video

The 1 we must to do is decompress the  VirtualDub and install the pack of codecs FFDshow



after we open the file whit out copress that we create whit fraps (saved in C:\Fraps)




Here we put the music, seens we use the VirtualDub the format must be*.wav.

You can pass from *.mp3 to *.wav using the editor of music inside the program of recording od de CDs (nero burning Rom.)




Then we go to video -> compression




here it will appear the window of codecks and where we will chosse Xvic Y nos aparecerá la ventana de códecs donde elegiremos Xvid (preferably) or Divc and we do click on OK.


To end we go to file -> save as AVI, choose a name an location


After we give save and we w8 till process end


width=640 height=18http://img47.imageshack.us/img47/5353/dub62xzdp6.d0d50fd3f6.jpg[/img]


Edit: you SHOULD record the fraps onto a different hard drive so that your lineage2 doesnt lag so much when you're recording ty nvus (i didnt know that)


Well i hope this guide help u to make some good vids


bb =)

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Guest skaros

Thanks so much for this! i was trying to make a video on lineage2 but i tried with the Game Record... after that i could find the record and once i found it and i couldnt play it :P i really searched for a how to make video in lineage2 thingy but i didnt find on google anything... only some trials hypercams or smthing like that!!! ty dude!! i really apreciated that!

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if u dont want to download all and still make a good vid (edited)

u can use the windows movie maker (is more easy and still have many features)


just by importing the video puting it in down line and whit right click u have to choose the efects you want for evry part of videos u import

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OMG the sahre pwnz for ME thanks for everything...really... this pwnz...i couldnt upload lineage at youtube and i didnt even know with which programme i could record really nice share and thx again...keep up

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ty for this

em new in movie making and want to ask if you have some free time

can u make some guide with screens and explanations about how to add in movie some cool special effect, music and stuff like this


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