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Must be NA/EUW/EUE (I don't care which region it is).

Must be level 30.

Must have NO ranked games played on it this season.

Having more champions/skins/runes pages will boost my offer.


Post a screenshot of the account with the stated requirements above via PM or in this thread(also post the price of it).

Thank you.


P.S. I'm not looking for top end account here I'm looking for basically a fresh one with as few champions as possible.


Paying via PayPal only.

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i got a clean west acc some days ago but unfortunately is 23-24lvl


has a bundle,2 complete runes pages and some skins(battlecast cho,draven,diana,tyrant swain)

cant remember what else it has :3


i provide mail too


could sell it to you for 10-15e


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@Noble Would of bought that immediately if it was a few levels higher,I don't want to grind to 30 again :> (I'll wait for 24 more hours and if I dont get any offers I'll just buy it from you tho)

@Mr-beep-etaKaiAfiseta Around 10-20 euro

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