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[modded L2J] HighFive - L2Silver x20 ( Beta 29.08.2012 )


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Closed Beta until 29.08.2012 ( Under more developing )


Open Beta 29.08.2012 - 07.09.2012 ( Players testing, reports, small tweeks)


Live Status 07.09.2012 20:00 GMT +1 ( Let the fun begin )








Please join our Website & Forum for more info, polls and constant updates !


* Name: L2Silver

* Chronicle: High Five

* Anti-bot Protection: On

* DDos Protection: On

* Geodata: On with Pathnodes

* Server Machine: Intel® Core™ i7-3930K Hexacore


In the late June, we have decided to start our own project


After working as collaborators for different packs or private projects, we have decided to start together and gather all the codes we wrote in one project


At that time we where not sure if it will work, if we will ever make it to a live server, but we decided it is unfair to us to work on something that will never be seen by players.


So, we started to write thoughts on paper, review old and actual servers, see what features players like, what complains they have, and make it as a unity of ideas that we considered good


Time will show if we toked the right decision, but whatever will happen, we will do our best to make it work


Like in any new project, there are unknown issues, new things will need all the time to be fixed, players will exploit every single thing that is not tested, rivers of QQ fill flow, but we will enjoy every single bit of it


Let the party start!



### Features: ###



XP Rate 20x ; Party Xp Rate 2x ; SP Rate 25x ; Party SP Rate 2x

Drop Items 15x ; Drop Adena 20x ; Drop Spoil 15x

Quest Reward 6x ; Quest Reward XP 7x ; Quest Reward Adena 2x

Raid Boss Drop 5x with Epic Jewels 1 or 2 for Baium\Antharas\Valakas ; 50% for Freya, Queen Ant, Tezza, Core, Orfen ; 85% for Zaken Night ; 3% for Zaken Low




### Miscellaneous: ###



Olympiad Quests Working.


3v3 Olympiad Working


Working & Tested H5 Items


Working & Tested H5 Skills


Working & Tested H5 Quests


Frintezza, Freya, Zaken in instance


The Hunting areas Dragon Valley and Lair of Antharas updated to H5


Working Seed of Anihilation + Raid Bosses


Max Buff count: 28+4


Max Dance count: 16


Triggered buffs dont overbuff


Safe Enchant: +4 ; Max Enchant: Retail


Normal Scroll Rate: 65% ; Blessed Scroll Rate: 75%


Elemental Stone Rate: 50% ; Elemental Crystal Rate: 33%


Max Subclass: 3 ; Max Subclass Level: 85; Subclass without QUEST




### Customs: ###



GM Shop ; NPC Scheme Buffer ; Global GK




Nexus Events ENGINE



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85% for Zaken Night


this is the zaken where u need to 72 ppl to enter ? (or sth like that)

pls tell me i'm wrong cuz no1 are killing that mother-beep-er cuz there too many ppl need to enter

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but ur using nexus engine :) code ur own event engine and im impressed..

Nexus is not a share, is something you pay to use it.

When there is something good coded and tested by many other projects before us, why spend weeks in coding the same thing again?

Is like asking to make our own geodata when we can have Stazis or our own bot protection when we can get Lameguard.

Those are called modules to expand the pack, and you should be either not able to buy them or crazy to make the same thing from scratch when there is a good working one for sale

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