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[FG's GFX Topic]Want a signature?Request it here


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still waiting

I think F1n4lGod was clear on his first post. Stop posting "still waiting" he is doing it for free, you have to appreciate that and not to bitching around.

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I want an avatar 150x267


Theme: Daniel Craig (James bond)

Text: ED (only if applied in one of the corners of the avatar)

Subtext: Skyfall (same applies as the text)

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Really nice job here Final.


Ok my request when you done with all of these requests..


Type: Avatar

Size: 150x150 forum size

Theme: Fire

Animation: If you can do it gif

Text: One Central O from (My Name Observer) Or OB or something like this you will see what is feet more.

Colors: Red, Blue , White

Image: You choose something about firework

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Text: Pauler

Subtext: Barbie Girl

Theme: Barbie

4.You can have one sig per month.So im gonna fill one request per month for the same person.So be carefull with the theme you want cuz i wont make an other one after the first i'll make you.Be specific and recheck the number 3.


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