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[Impressions] SLENDER


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Yesterday when I tried to sleep I was thinking how the more fear you have that he's gonna come get you, the more likely it is going to happen and I nearly freaked myself out... LMFAO

And that's without even playing the game!


Oh, should I travel through the woods or should I not wish I would. For above me lurks within the trees. No one could hear my deathly screams. The palest man, the blackest suit. Bigger than the tallest brute. Six black arms will grab you up, stalk you til you just give up. A top hat bares upon his head. Makes your soul fill up with dread. He takes you when you least expect. Boil you up, and eat your neck. He'll leave your body not to eat, but staple it on a tree. Fear the man, the Slenderman. For he can do, what no one can.

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