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  1. :9damn and i liked this forum
  2. what's going on? I remember from 2 years ago this forum was very active now it's almost dead?
  3. Funniest shit I've seen in a while:
  4. I've been a member since.. 2010 I think. I completely forgot about the forum for around two years Found my name and password on an old logitech webcam manual I used to write my passwords on .. So I'm back. Changed surely from what I was two years ago. Looking forward to contributing to meaningful conversations (or just spam) edit: by the way, the style got like completely revamped. Why does everyone have 5 stars on their profiles automatically?
  5. Aren't the Aion forums a bit too dead to create a new subsection?
  6. voted for Breaking Bad, since as a whole show It's probably the best we've ever had. Game of Thrones comes second and even though I have watched every season of Supernatural, The Walking Dead and Arrow I don't see how you can even compare the first two shows I mentioned with these three. I like them but it's just a disgrace to the other two to be put in the same list as these other shows.
  7. The account is upgraded to cataclysm and in good standing. 25Euros in Paypal I will also give all the secret answers and all info of the account whatsoever.
  8. So I tried to drink this one day and I liked it a lot. After a week I drank one in the morning around 9:00AM and one around 8:00PM, then I started getting this wierd feeling that my legs were overreacting and my brain felt like .. if you seen the movie limitless that is it. I was walking to my math class and I when I reached I was so weak and weak minded. Should I stop drinking 2 at one day xD? pretty obvious. I writed this to warn other people of its effects. If you drink 1 monster 500ML you will get 500% of B12 vitamin and 250% of 5 other vitamins. If you drink 2 you go up to 1000% in
  9. http://epicfreeprizes.com/?ref=496660 ill try to click everyones. but can you all click mine :O ? :)
  10. the best you will ever get is around 25paysafe> 21-22 paypal
  11. the 2 rune pages are free btw.
  12. this isn't worth the time it takes to look at the post
  13. fringe was my favorite series till season 4. game of thrones is the BEST tv series now.
  14. Dr strangelove. H I -FUC.KING- LARIOUS