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interlude Custom PvP Server Start Today!


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L2-Return Custom PvP server!


      -xp Reitai: 500x

      -Sp Reitai: 500x

      -Aden Reitai: 1000x

      -Drop Reitai: 10x

      -Spoil Reitai: 10x

      -Quest Reitai: 10x


      -GM shop.


      -Duel system.

      -Interlude skill. (100%)

      -Sub classes without quest.

      -Nobless without quest.

      -Npc Buffer.

      -Buff time 2 hour.

      -Type: Custom, PvP

      -Blacksmith (Augument)

      -Info NPC

      -Top Ranking NPC

      -Work 24/7.

      -Balance: 95%

      -Raidboss: >> Antharas, Valakas, Halisha, Emberis and other...




      -Simple: 85%

      -Blessed: 94%

      -Crystal: 100%

      -Safe: +4

      -Max: +30

      -Crystal: +32

      -Donate: +35




      -Armor: Platinum, Dynasti (TOP),

      -Weapon: Forever, Dusk (TOP),

      -Jewels: RB jewels, Dusk jewels (TOP)

      -Tattoo with stats

      -Custom zone

      -Wings: Small Wings.

      -Olympiad every day [18-24]hours. Hero change every sunday [22:00].

      -And other...



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