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[GrisoM & "Friends" 2012] ಠ_ಠ


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so its been over a year, i got a pm from someone asking me to make at least 1 thread in 2012 just in case the world ends, so why not a grisom and friends, but this time i wanted to make it special, by remembering the good times & people met on this site since 2008 till i left, so they know i remember most of them, hope i dont miss anything (its a really long post, i didnt wanted to leave anyone outside, and dont worry, not hate in here =P)


2008 http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=36533.0


during 2008 i remember chatting a lot with fakoykas (versus now?) who was friend with XxRxX (frank now?) i remember they made several servers and they allowed me to be a gm once, then they got in a fight about money or smt, but they were pretty cool, i even remember talking with fakoykas every week about games and his bike, lol.


then i started chatting with A-style, i think he's was the only italian guy on this forum, he also made some servers and let me participate and help, he helped me with my pc more than a few times, till this day i consider him the most helpfull guy i've met in mxc.


There was also Noble, who if my memory doesnt fail i met back in 2006-2007 while playing l2 on a server called archon, where i learned the only 10 words i know in greek! back then we got pretty well, and then we got in stupid fights (i'm sorry bud! life is easier without fights, 2 bad i liked to fight about everything back then) i hope all that is water under the bridge now.


i also met hax0r and nota-leeching- in 2008, while nota-leeching- was an avid cs & guitar player hax0r was one of the smartest guys back then, i remember him talking about some stuff i had no knowledge about, i lost track of nota-leeching-, but i kept talking with hax0r during the next years, he became a good friend of mine.


i also met hackz0r (dream now?) we became good friends, we chatted a lot & remember him always starting the conversation saying he needed a beer, lol. we sharing many laughs with him on msn & l2, really good times.


xKenji (did he had other name on 2008?) was also a great bud, we didnt chatted much but i remember our strange pms, and conversations about kids shows


demonicsoul (pecaN,etc) was also a great but, i even got his account unbanned after 3 years, he invited me to his house in greece if i could afford the flying ticket, we shared a lot bud, even if you are not here anymore.


k4rmaarros was a great bud too, i remember the b0xworld site (was it w0rldbox right?) you didnt knew much english but we tried =P


2009 http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=106158.0


in 2009 started talking to maxtor, we became good friends, he helped me a lot (A LOT), and i tried my best to do all i could for mxc on 2009 (like taking down leeching sites with masterdisaster lol), we had more than a few long fun chats, nicky boeh nickname was born then. (i wonder if he keeps pms from 2009..)


then i met cobra and blane, cobra was my electronic friend, i remember sharing music for parties with him, we were always on a competition to see who was hotter, it all ended when he sent me pictures of him half naked..


Blane, back then we only spoke about signatures but then we started talking more about life, work, studies, and how you didnt had any time to sleep!

i really enjoyed our chats.


i met my son coyote back then, he became my best friend in mxc, if you putted all the lines we wrote on msn you could write a book of 500 pages, what can i say bud, you gave me hope i wasnt the only psycopath in mxc, and to this day i will remember all the chats we had, like the day i threw an egg to the building that's next to my old house.


i started talking with stefoulis15, we had weird chats where he would turn his cam on and be without shirt and a smiling face, he didnt like to write so he used a mic and with a very weird accent spoke to me, while i loled at his nipples.


Extremedwarf, you changed your name once but i cant remember it now, what i cant forget is the fact that you were supposed to go to the army 3 years ago! the fact that you started smoking really young and that you had a slutty gf (she was hot), we didnt chatted much outside mxc but we did chatted a lot in mxc and you became a really good friend of mine, we had a good run.


Intrepid! what a crazy fellow, he was always angry, more than DreaM, but at the same time, he was (is?) very smart, unlike me (i was angry all the time 2) he didnt hide it, like the time he called maxtor several things (ye he got banned like 20 times) but he was a great but, we chatted a lot about satan and other of my hallucinations.


Raule, on 2009 you were less "trolltastic?" and a lil bit more mature, you were always posting things about rap, and for some reason you were not able to use msn to chat, but we had some intresting chats from time to time, we also had a good run.


on 2009 i also met several of the greek spammers, not all of them were as bad as i pictured them, like magaki masterdisaster vazelos pwnz0r phoenix14 darkslayer, i had my fights with all of them (i even banned them many times), but then again i also remember sending them pms to chat on msn and try to figure a none agressive way to solve things, and not all of them went wrong!


skaros was a great but i started chatting with on 2009 he introduced me to many great animes like elfen lied, he was into making stick figure gifs (anyone remember those?)


i also started chatting with webm0nster morian and ventic, they all had smart things to say from time to time, we may have not chatted a lot but we shared some stuff in mxc, like the time we helped web with the music for a party.


chandy! marco chandy, i'm still waiting for you to come to argentina bud, we chatted a lot, about your "wife" your work, my beard, and much more, i still remember some of those conversations.


2010 http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=141176.0


on 2010 i met yhn and skw other 2 br guys that made me laugh a lot, we had some good times on the br spam thread.


on 2010 i met setehk who was my gay bud on mxc, we had the strangest pms you can imagine, thank god i deleted all of them, he was one of the funniest guys on mxc, he only showed that side to me (1 day i woke up with 20 pms of the best porn you can imagine all from setehk!)


i also met sofaki, who told me the saddest stories you can imagine, but then people started saying he was a dude, and i really dont know if all she said to me was a lie or what, but if it was, then i'm glad the chats we had were good for you.


i also met erol, who became a great friend of mine, we shared many things in the little time we had together, we had a great run


2011 http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=195465.msg1628505#msg1628505


i didnt met anyone knew in 2011, mainly because things were getting bad, and i was about to leave, i remember having some good times anyway.


A little resolution:


i had good & bad times in mxc, but i want to thank all the people that are on the list and the ones i forgot too, because you made mxc intresting for many years and kept it alive despite all odds, i learned a lot from this site and to this day i belive this is the forum were i've had the most fun in the internet.


for those that sent me pms asking about what i was doing, i work now (some of you know i've been studying since 2008 xD) and live alone, i've time to spend on the pc but i choose not to be so burned on it (one of the many things i learned from mxc D: )


thank you mxc for everything, thank you guys & thank you nicky boeh for letting mxc be here today after so many attacks, leechers and more.


i hope you are all doing fine  :)




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Hahaha miss you boludo <3

Good times Javus.

PS: yhn and skw (Pedro and Miguel) are pt lol (pt = Portugal) (pt_br = Brazil) :P

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Sup mate


Wassup? Long time no see :D

Thanks for your words, now I'm over all the slutty bitches I went out with and I decided to take a small break from breaking ups. About the smoking part; Well, I quitted for 1 year, now I might smoke one now and then and when I'm out for a drink.

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Who's gonna read all that text?lol


Just become a Mod again,please -.-'

so there will be somebody to wish you happy birthday :)
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o hai Grisom, well yea you right about me, i was loving this forum back then thats why i was "mature"


Glad to see you are ok, hope you stay here and fool around with us.

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