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[C'n'C]Back in Action :D

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Well, i had not internet for 2 days so I got bored to hell and designed to make some sigs...

Here's what I've got...


Into the Fire tag:



Thor tag:



Angel of Retribution tag:



Comments 'n' Critics, free :D

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I like the flow of the second one.


And the whole 3rd.


About the first no sense.


Good job.

what do you mean "no sense" ?

Welcome back MD.

10/10 for all of them,


thanks buddy :D
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gr ela -beep-a tr kaneis sign gia mena render itachi ucicha

text amphe klasika


φρέσκια είναι η δικιά σου..ΣΚΣ
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what do you mean "no sense" ?thanks buddy :D

Ennow oti h proth den m kanei aisthsh dne m poli aresei.H defterh einai poli gamisterh.Oxi tosos sthn epilogh tou render alla sthn texnikh.

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Ennow oti h proth den m kanei aisthsh dne m poli aresei.H defterh einai poli -beep-terh.Oxi tosos sthn epilogh tou render alla sthn texnikh.

ok, thanks for c'n'c anyways :D
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Same old MD style.

haha kinda yeap :P

i like the first one the most XD i dont like the text of the others two :3 but gz and welcome back

Thanks for the c'n'c :D

Well, I like the texts...maybe the 3rd one is too distructing and the 2nd one should have some different style or ...

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