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[Trick] How to make your attacks shock people! (Amaze everyone, unique!)


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To do this, you can be either horde or alliance, and must be over level68.

I was leveling my alt rogue in Netherstorm when I discovered this;

In Netherstorm, Protectorate Watch Post, in the north-eastern part, you can pick up a quest called 'Electro-Shock Goodness!'. In the quest, you will recieve a bottle of 'Navuuds Concoction' and you are supposed to hit some slimes and goo's and collect items from them. Thing is, the mobs wont drop the items if you don't have a drink from your 'Navuuds Concoction' that gives you a buff called "Now shooting electricity from your eyes." and makes all your spells, attacks, and harmfull to enemy things make a shocking sound! (Like the one in earth shock) and it procs about on half of all your attacks. However, the bottle of Navuud's Concoction lasts forever and you can use it whenever you want wherever you want. Other people will hear the Earth shock sounds too, so duel some in Durotar / IF and make people get amazed from your amazing trick! :) If you got any further questions, post in the thread and ask :>


Credits To Montti

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