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[WTS] Account 30 LvL~East & Nordic.


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Hello Mxc Community!




Champions Owned!




Runes Pages!







Skins Owned!


[*]Midnight Ahri

[*]Nurse Akali

[*]Nightraven Fiora

[*]Nightblade Irelia

[*]Karate Kennen

[*]Lord Mordekaiser

[*]Noxus Poppy

[*]Battle bunny Riven

[*]Lumberjack Sion

[*]White Mage Veigar

[*]Commando Xin Zhao

[*]Feral Warwick


Contact with me for more infos at kmkz.69 ( skype )

Price : 35euro ( Only Paysafecard )

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