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[Guide]How To Make Your Own Cataclysm private server


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Ok so this is a nice and detailed post on setting up the alpha and then how to play it with friends for those of you who need a little bit more help!


Step 1:

Download Client

eu: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/6019886



Step 2:

Now we need to download the sandbox, latest revisions can be found here: http://wowcore.ru/downloads/SandBox.exe.rar


Step 3: Now we need to extract the sandbox, you will need winrar because it's a .rar file, that can be downloaded here: http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm

Once it's downloaded right click on the sandbox and hit extract


Step 4: If you just want to play alone go into your alpha folder then data, then enUS or enGB (depending on client) and open up realmlist.wtf, change what's inside to




Step 5: Next double click on SandBox.exe and then open up your alpha and login with any same username and password, like a a or confucius confucius:






Step 6: Now if you want to play with friends I suggest just using hamachi, it's a lot of trouble to go none hamachi and since you wont be having a big server just use hamachi instead, that can be downloaded here: https://secure.logmein.com/hamachi.msi


Step 7: Install it, you should be able to do this yourself, if you need help I'll edit this post!


Step 8: Now we need to make a network your friends will connect to (they'll need to download hamachi too). Go to network and select create a new network:




Lets name our network "Cataclysm Rocks!" and put the password as something easy, "123".




Then hit create! (btw assuming more than one person uses this guide the network name will probably be taken).


Step 9: Now we need to edit the SandBox.wtf file, at the top of your hamachi there should be some numbers starting with a 5. We're going to change the LocalHost to your hamachi IP



Step 10: Now we have to change our realmlist to the numbers we just used, you should know how to do this by now!


Step 11: Have your friends download hamachi and change their realmlist to your numbers starting with a 5. Then login with any same username and password, such as a a or confucius confucius.


Step 12: Enjoy playing Cataclysm with your friends and be sure to check the sandbox site daily for updates and bug fixes!


Well that's the end of this guide, hope it helped those of you new to emulation who needed a bit more help than others!


Enjoy your Server Hope you Have fun


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