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[Guide]AK-47 Guide


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AK-47(CK-47) is the most powerful weapon for those who knows its use.!!

But if you are able to unlock the secret behind this weapon, it will improve your CS Skills (as Terrorist) for life.!!




Avaibility: Terrorist Only

Cost: $2500

Rounds per Clip: 30

Rate of fire: 11rps

Reload Time: 2.5 Seconds

Avg. damage to unarmored chest: 38 health

Avg. damage to unarmored head: 100 health

Avg. damage to armored chest: 27 health 4 armor

Avg. damage to armored head: 100 health 15 armor




1. AK-47 weapon is the most effective weapon with a great power no matter how far your enemy stands.

2. It has a very high rate of fire and comes at a very reasonable price.

3. At medium and long range, it can be used as a sniper but without scope.

4. It has a very tight crosshair like the MP5 Navy, which increases accuracy and gives a greater chance for grabbing a headshot within the first few bullets fired.

5. It helps give you time to reload as it frighten the enemies because of its loud noise on fire.




1. Very harsh recoil.

2. Very loud noise on firing.

3. On firing it gives the location of the person because of the noise.

4. The cross-hair expands very fast on shooting, this leads to lack of accuracy.


Despite of its disadvantages, you will find that this gun is a very useful gun and you won't be bothered about the recoil. So keep on practicing and the kills will flow.



How to Control Recoil


Recoil control is not as easy as it may seem. Timing and precision are very important, and must be combined with burst fire. When the crosshair expands, try to pull the crosshair down slightly towards the lower body. By doing this, you’ll get a nice, clean shot and can hopefully get off a few more bullets before having to take a moment to allow the crosshair to recover, before your next burst.


Short Range Kill


In short range combat, sharp aiming is required, along with lightning reactions. It is recommended that you shoot in 3-5 shots bursts, where possible, to increase accuracy and handle recoil.


Medium Range Kill


In medium range combat, first assessment of weapon is very important.


1. If you come across a SMG or any other weapon, take more time to aim and maintain your position a little longer. If he fires back, throw any grenades that may assist you. When he’s blinded/hurt, take advantage of this situation and fire your bursts. He might not grab a shot on you.

2. If he has a rifle too, use the same tactic, but take more care this time.

3. If he has sniper or something with a scope, do things fast. Get an aim on him (any body part) and shoot in four bullet bursts. After every burst, find cover. This will eventually wear him down, without giving him the chance to fire at you too much.


Long Range Kill


In long range combat, it is difficult to kill your enemy (enemies). Practice will do help you out.

AK-47 in long range is "Sniper without a scope"


1. If he has a rifle or SMG or any other weapon, just let the cross-hair land on his body and let the AK-47 do the rest. Fire in 2 bullet bursts, and hide after 3 bursts. If you’re sharp enough, the first couple of bursts will be enough to kill him.

2. If you come across a sniper, NEVER EVER jump straight up and down, jumping might increase your chances of being killed. Try to use the stealth approach. Again use a mixture of cover, bursts and good aiming to take him out. You might be able to kill him without letting him see your face, so stealth is very important in this situation. Often, he'll be zoomed in with his gun, so approaching from an area outwit his field of vision is another option.


Combination Kill


When there are more than one enemy SITUATION, Always buy HE grenade and flash-bang to go with your AK-47. The moment you see them, throw your flash-bang, once it goes off, pop out and do as much damage as possible before they 'come round'. Retreat again, and lob your HE grenade, wait for the blow before doing anything else, hopefully they'll be hurt pretty bad. Immediately after the blast, grab your AK and sweep your bullets from left to right (at your enemies) and vice versa, all the while bursting. You’ll get a great chance to finish them all because they might be in a bit of dismay.

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