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[Source] Hallowsend's Guide on How to Surf


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If you play CS:S, you know about surf servers. Servers with lots of people, lots of spawn camping, and lots of A and D. Well, your right. But if youve never played a surf server, or have played one limitedly, you should continue reading this guide.


Surfing in CS:S is not easy. If you go too slow or too fast, you will skid into the ceiling or fall into the ground, both resulting in jail and / or death. Timing is precise, and if you don't know what to do, surfing could easily prove difficult for you.


First, lets start off with the basics. To surf, jump on either side of a ramp, and hit either A or D, depending on which side of the ramp you are on. If on the left side of the ramp, press D, if on the right, press A. The top of the ramp is standable (Meaning you can stand on it) So if you are jumping on a ramp from a distance landing in the middle means death. If you climb your way up there, it is a great camp spot.






While surfing, I find that I go faster and smoother if I have the knife out while I am surfing. This also allows me to humiliate anybody I encounter while in surf. To go from ramp to ramp if they are spread apart, jumpimg is useless. Pressing the space bar does nothing while surfing. I always find it easier to cross ramps if I go on the opposite side of the ramp im on, and cross the other side to get to the ramp.




^ What im talking about.


When you get to the end of a ramp, you may find something I call a portal. It is a window, mostly an odd color or pattern, and takes you somewhere other than where you were when you entered the portal. Some examples of where these portals take you are: In / near opposite spawn site, Outside jail, another track to continue surfing. Depending on the map, the portal you go through might result in instant death, or lots of mindless spawn killing.






Stinky, toilets and beds in the same room, everyone showers together, soap... Where am I talking about? No not a fancy hotel. Im talking about jail. In counter-strike, if you fall off of a ramp at some point, you might be taken to jail. This is a place in which everyone who falls goes and battles each other. Usually, there is some 3rd party able to let you out of jail or a timer to open a door or portal. But thats only if you are the last man standing.






Thank you for reading my guide on surfing!



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