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Advanced detailed CS:S Scrim tactics on de_dust2 !


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Hey guys, ill be sharing some ideas i have about having scrims/clan wars on the map de_dust2


1. 1st Round.


The first round is crucial to ANY team and this round is the must win round of the whole match as it can bring momentum to your team money wise and confidence wise.


Terrorist Side 1st round:


A good tactic that should be tried at least once is the fake strategy. how this works is, 2 people on your team buy a flash bang rest buy standard Armour. All 5 on your team go long and rush, someone must pre flash the corner in case someone of CT has pushed it. Once flashed you all pop around the corner and start firing bullet at whoever you see, if no one is there fire at the boxes inside A site, just to let the CT's know your there. In doing this, this will make the CT's rotate knowing that all 5 of you will be there. Thats when the fake comes into play, 1 person must stay in pit at long and other 4 go back. Now that you have fallen, the CT's will know you have tried to fake AT THIS STAGE. Now 4 of the terrorist split, 2 go T spawn way to outside dark with the bomb, the other 2 stay at the top of mid near the tree. Make sure you dont get spotted, the person in the pit will catch the CT's off guard because now they will be pushing because they know you've fallen, once they start pushing the guy at pit can pick them off as they come by. The people outside dark make there way into dark while the people at mid have to be ready to flash mid and bust it. Once the people at mid call "flashing mid rushing now" the people at b must rush with them, this creates the 2 on 1 at mid. The CT holding mid MUST DIE ! its 2 on 1!! if you cant kill him, Ur a dud xD. Once he dies the people inside B SITE will be distracted by the 2 @ mid, then the 2 in dark rush B and then the 2 at mid rush B site from ct spawn side which makes them sandwiched, this grants the T's easy access to the site. The person on long may make his way down long through ct and anal the people coming through. Secure the site make sure nothing is inside, plant bomb and setup for the defuse if they get on it. This tactic is a REALLY good one but it can be hard to pull off if one of you get picked off early. Now you must go over it and dry run this strat as it must be performed withing 1:45 sec i think it is but its a very short period to all of this stuff off so you must like go into a server with your team and practice your pre flashes and ur rushing as a team skills


Counter Terrorist 1st round.

counter terrorist is the easier side for first round and is less tactical and more of aim/skill/smart play. But this doesn't mean you work as an individual and play for yourself, that is what happens to most team they have a player like that and want to be on top all the time and make the best shots all the time. CT still needs A LOT of teamwork.


Holding A site:

In my opinion A is the harder site to hold because there is 3 ways to get into that site, which is Stairs/Short, Long way and CT spawn. Short is the most difficult and id recommend 2 people play short for the first round. Its a very small area and you need people with good aim there as well.


Short holds:

Anti Flash Hold:

This is a good hold for later rounds in the match when using a rifle, not so good for pistol but can still be very effective as there will be 2 of you there, you can bait one another by 1 person peaking on the ramp of the site and one standing in the corner right of the ramp, once they spot the guy on the ramp there focus will be on him. There will be nades flying flashes maybe smokes. So be prepared to take hits the guy on the ramp.

You can still be flashed here but most people use there flashes at the stairs expecting you to be there. Once they are pushing trying to kill the guy at the ramp, the person in the corner pops out and gets as many kills as possible. Keep in mind you still have your backup from the guy at long.


Goblin Hold:

on the very far right corner of the site there is a set of round boxes and there open, stand on them and hug the wall, you are unseen there because when your on top of the boxes and hugging the wall in front of you there is a piece of wall sticking out and you hide behind it. Now the other person with you at short gos up close and sits near the stairs or he can even push. He trys to get as many kills he can if they go short way. If he dies it tell the T's that 1 down short, they make there up the stairs and look into site and see no one they might think no one is @ short or in A anymore, thats when u come out the goblin spot and bum rape there faces with you pistol.


Long Hold:


There is 3 main holds for long way, im not going to go into detail because i don't have much time to do them atm :< i might edit it later but i dunno, here they are anyway.

In Site Hold:

It speaks for itself, you basically play long way from inside A site at the boxes or on the floor near ct spawn, just be ready to flash/nade it and ask for backup if there coming because hold long 1st round can be a VERY difficult task. Keep in mind you got the 2 people at short for back up as well.

Big Box Hold:

You can hold behind the big box at long way and wait until you hear someone approaching you then throw out a flash pop out and cap em'.

Pit Hold:

Holding from pit takes balls because most the time T's jump in there flash in there nade in there etc. some you need 2 have some good ways to flash and bounce them off walls them come out and pull a chuck Norris and kill all them LoL . Pit hold is the most difficult hold out of ALL A site holds. I prefer to not to pick that spot anyway (:.


Holding Middle:



Middle is probably the most important hold out of all because you have access to view short from middle and tell your teammates that they are coming so they can prepare, but if they kill you at mid that leave B site ct spawn and A site open to be backdoor'd from many ways.



Tree Hold:



This hold is my favourite because the T's only see half your body plus your behind a tree which decreased damage taken but you get a limited view of terrorists aswell. You stand up on the bricks and crouch not fully behind the tree but half behind it so its a less chance of dying. But you have to have good aim to hold from this position.


CT spawn hold:



This is a defensive hold if your not very confident in playing mid, this hold allows you to freely flash over the boxes nade etc and pop out and kill the T's that are coming through mid. Disadvantage of this hold is they can sneak through past you and kill the people @ b if you don't hold it right, and they can easily flash you as well as you can flash them easily.




Outside B hold:


Outside B hold is probably the most common used spot if your on the back foot and they are dominating you at mid, you simply stand up on the boxes outside b and look over them @ mid.


Holding B site:


Holding B site takes confidence because it is the most commonly rushed site and is the easiest to access by flashing etc. But don't let this get to you head because as easy as it is for them to get it, it is as easy to kill them.


Platform Hold:



Platform hold is my preferred holding position as there is many places on the platform to hold from. You can hold it behind the big box and hide and wait for them to gain access into the site and then pop out and head shot.

You can play from behind the 1st set of bricks or even the 2nd set of bricks but the 2nd set of bricks is hard because it is further away and that means less damage and the target is smaller.


Back of Site Hold:



You can hold behind the bricks at the back of site and nade flash from there as there is more things to hide behind so its easy to throw then hide then pop out. You can play from behind all the boxes at the very back left of the site behind them all. But it ALWAYS checked i repeat IT IS ALWAYS CHECKED. so its not such a good idea but just a suggestion.


Gay spot:


This is a funny spot  its prob the 2nd most checked but a good place to hold because once the t's enter the site there out in the open which give you more of a opportunity to kill them. You can either stand behind the car in the site or behind the small box beside the car.


Thanks 4 reading guys, i hope for some feed back in future and i hope you have learnt something from this ! and im sorry for any grammar errors i have made in the making of this guide feel free to point them so i can fix them out, i just dont have the time atm to read over it and fix them up ^_^



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