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Bug Pvp/pk Bug


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Hello all, i found out new working pvp pk bug in KO x300 server!

Same bug with buffer like it was long time ago (who played there, they will understand)

so lets start.

1) Go to a place in map Outside Gludin Village


and make a command /target buffer,

when will see a target make /attack, you character will jump and will appear a buffers window.



2) when see Buffers window make a restart Game! You will appear in sea outside the textures!


Make again /target buffer and /attack. character will swim a bit and will appear again buffers window!



You hawe to do it with dual box or with some friends help! (because you will need some player who to kill)


3) Now with 1 char you kill oter one,



  then with dead one use MP in buffers menu, you will be ded but will hawe full HP.


So one character push MP all the time, while other one is killing you! and the oters PK count is rising!

to make PvP count rise, you can make it with a War clan player, or kill a player who hawe big karma! So i make from dual box for one PK, then i kill him to burn his karma + i get lot of PvP's!


Work's in L2Mafia x300 Ken Orwen Server.

Good Luck and Hawe Fun!

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this bug is only GM's fault/corruption's proof, because someone in a clan hall in Gludin hawe a buffer! there is no buffers in others CH's in others towns!

I asked for a recall from some of GM's, writed on GM Waster Skype, but all the time i get an full Ignorance! i used this bug for 3 characters to farm some pk/pvp, and noone from Staff team cares...

So Actualy i realy hope that Dimis will fix it, and kick that GM's asses, because they care only "GM Recall For Donate" Hero voice shouts!

but while it is not fixed, Use it my friends :)

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Nice,a good bug by West(You shoyld hide Announcements)it was good,Dimis will see it and remove it gj smart -beep-

I realy hope that he will fix it. atleast he will do something for his l2mafia network, Years of ultimate Donate Experiance :D

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