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L2 World Private Server


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After working months together L2w00t & L2World in a co-project that is now the base of L2World HighFive x20 server, we are proud to announce that we will work together in feature.


The new server is  actively developed server with tons of features, offering you the thrill of pvp, the fun of raiding and farming and lets not forget the bargaining which most pvp servers lack.

Chose your way to get stronger - PvP, Farm, Raid, Trading.


General Info


Leveling skills and subclasses


Instant Level 85

Sublcass Level set to 76. (max is 85)

All skills are autolearn including FGS

Certification system is without quest

Nobless Manager - You can get nobles status buying it from our manager. Item requered for nobless can be earned by every RaidBoss.

2nd Method to become nobless - Barakiel will have custom respawn time, only the killer (last hit guy) will earn auto nobless status.




Armors, Weapons with SA and jewels (except boss jewels) up to Vorpal(including foundation and noble) are in GM shop. Items required for buying them - adena and event glittering medal.

Elegia :

Armors , weapons without SA and jewels from grandbosses, also you can buy them from olympiad shop with tokens (weapons there are with SA)

Soul Crystal 17 lvl and Gemstone S in GMshop - Items required Event golden apiga, and adena for gemstones.

Soul crystals can be leveled to lvl 18 by all raid bosses and granbosses.

Shirts, bracelets, talismans, belts - PVP shop. Items required - fire, water and wind mantra.

Attribute stones and crystals in GMshop

Enchants :

    - Normal - 55% and break weapon. GMshop newbie zone , advanced zone, pvp kill, deadman chest, raids.

    - Blessed - 60% and does not break weapon. From Vote reward, raids, advanced zone

    - Crystal - 60% and can enchant from +13 to +16. When fail you lose -1 enchant. From Vote reward, raids

    - Divine - 100%. PVP shop and grandbosses

    - Max enchant - +13.

    - Max special enchant - +16.

    - Safe enchant - +4.

All Codexes in GMshop




All clan quest items in GMshop

All eggs for skills in GMshop and raid bosses

Rep. points from sieges are increased drastically




Adena - all mobs in newbie and advanced zone and some RB

Glitering medal all mobs in newbie and advanced zone and custom RB

Fire, Water, Wind mantras - advanced zone and achievement system

Event Golden Apiga - Vote Reward




26+4(divine inspiration), triggers don't take buff slot. Dances/Songs: 15


Farming Zones


Newbie zone is Underground Coliseum - there is 5 spots, every spot have different mobs.

Mobs in every spot have different drop count, chance and stats.

In newbie zone are spawned PK killers to avoid killing lowbies.

Advanced farm zone is located in forgotten temple.

It have 2 areas "Fire" and "Ice".

This is a zone suited for clans, where they can raid, farm and pvp with other clans which wants the same.

There are 5 different raid bosses and only one spawn at a time in one of the two areas:

- If the raidboss is not engaged in a fight after 10 minutes of its spawn, it will unspawn and another raidboss will spawn in the same area.

- If the spawned raidboss is located in the fire area, mobs spawn in the water area.

- If the spawned raidboss is located in the water area, mobs spawn in the fire area.

- When the raidboss gets killed, mobs will switch areas.

- Another boss will spawn after some time in a random area and mobs will unspawn from that area.




More than 70 selected raidbosses in the game are farmable, they drop Vorpal, top S84 Weapons, clan skill items and other stuff. Respawn time of raidbosses is 12-36 hours.

On respawn will have announce like "A raidboss respawned near town of oren".

Custom grandbosses :

Valakas, Antharas, Frintezza, Baium, Ant queen - respawn time is 12-48 hours.

They have custom drop from s80 to Elegia, all weapons, jewels and some other stuff..




All Clan Halls have AIO and Buffer NPC.

AIO (All in One) NPC - there you can find everything that you need.

- GMShop

- ClassMaster

- GrandMagister Functions

- Symbol Maker

- Gatekepeer

- Augmenter

- Olympiad Manager

- Warehouse


Hitman NPC - Have a enemy? put some adena for his head and watch him how he will stay in town.


Full Buffer NPC - Buffs time is set to unlimited.


Nobless Manager - You can get nobles status here.



Event Manager


A great event manager with many available events to keep the players entertained.

Hourly Events:

    - Team vs Team

    - Capture the Flag

    - Domination

    - Mass Domination

    - Deathmatch

    - Last Man Standing

    - Lucky Chests

    - There are/will be more events.

Constant Events:

    - Single player fights (such as 1v1, FFA, etc.)

    - Party fights (such as 2v2, 5v5, 2v2v2, 5v5v5, etc.)

    - Korean Style Party fights (such as 2v2, 5v5 etc.)

    - Mini TvT (same as TvT, but with less players and can always be played)




Olympiad period 1 week.

Sieges every week.

Custom Newbie System - On enter world, it pop up tutorial question mark. By clicking it new window show up. From there you can change class, get S-grade Gear for free and Draw dyes.

Custom economy. S grade gear is free.

Advanced vote system every valid vote is rewarded.

Achievements system very interesting new feature with great rewards.

Deadman chest system - on pvp kill there is a chance to appear box over the dead body. Opening it can bring you reward or dead. Be carefull.

Killstreak system (unreal tournament like)

Highly modifyed community board with various useful features.


Grand Opening will be on 21.02.2012 - 20:00 GMT+2

Don't Miss it, gonna be Epic!


Website : http://www.L2World.org

Forum : http://www.L2World.org/forum/



I want to present also latest project in L2World - High Five Server x20.


If your not fan of pvp check out our other projects L2World Freya or L2World HF Opened on 26.12.2011


L2World High Five x20 has been developed for months and its one of best developed servers around.

Its actively developed and have almost 95 % of all Hi5 features.


More then 2400 people trust us as playing on it.


General Features



-> XP: x20

-> SP: x20

-> Drop: x15

-> Spoil: x20

-> Adena: x25 (Adena rate is much higher when you are lower level.)

-> Quest Drop: x7

-> Quest Reward: x5

-> Quest Exp/Sp Reward: x10

-> Quest Adena Reward: x20

-> Raid Boss drop: x3

-> Grand Boss drop: x3

-> Manor: x2

-> Rate Extract Fish: x8

-> Vitality: 1.25/1.5/1.75/2

-> Vitality Gain/Lost = 3/1




<=> Full NPC Buffer:

-> Max buffs: Normal - 50; Dance - 24; Trigger - 12;

-> All buffs: PP,SE,EE,WH,WC,OL,BD,SWS,Cats! (No Kamael)

-> Includes a scheme buffer where you can manage your own buff sets.

-> All buffs are free.


<=> GM Shop:

-> Up to A Weapons, armors, Jewels

-> Shots, Potions, Consumables

-> Quest items for Clan level 3, 4, 5, ingredients for noblesse (expensive) & others.

-> Pets, Event reward items & more...


<=> Global GK:

-> With My Teleport Spellbook/Flag


<=> Mammons:

-> Custom Mammons which allow you to use every function that normal Mammons have.


<=> Class Master:

-> 1st class transfer - Cost: 100,000 Adena.

-> 2nd class transfer - Cost: 1,000,000 Adena.

-> 3rd class transfer - Cost: 10,000,000 Adena & 5,000,000 Ancient Adena. Reward: Giant's Codex.


Server Events & Games Information

-> Auto Events: TvT, CTF, Domination, Double Domination, Last Man Standing & more.

-> Passive Events: Master Yogi Enchanting, Mantras[Fire,Water,Wind], Event Medals & more.

-> PC Bang points system.

-> Events managed by the GMs.

-> Poker Manager that allows you to play poker vs. other players for ingame currencies.


Working Instances

-> Chamber of Delusion

-> Seed of Destruction

-> Seed of Infinity

-> Kamaloka instaces

-> Pailaka instances

-> Crystal Caverns

-> Tower of Naia

-> Steel Citadel

-> Tully's Workshop

-> Hellbound Town

-> Dark Cloud Mansion

-> Fortress/Castle


Working Instanced Bosses

-> Zaken easy and hard.

-> Freya easy and hard.

-> Frintezza.


Working features

-> All High Five zones are working.

-> All High Five quests are working including Seven Signs series.

-> Many High Five features are working.

-> Resist formulas are retail-like (not like the other ordinary servers)

-> Territorial Wars

-> Siegable Clanhalls

-> Seed of Infinity

-> Seed of Destruction

-> Seed of Anihilation


More Information

-> S80 & S84 Grade items' recipes and parts drop rate lowered, but still reasonable for the server's rates. We like it oldschool, where you dont have to farm 1-2 days with your A-Grade gear for Vesper set.

-> Max element on weapons is Lv. 9, on armors is Lv. 7. This is done to get back the elemental system's importance in the game.

-> Sub-classes are without quest. Max 3 subclasses are allowed. Max level for a subclass is 85.

-> Clan war rewards increased.

-> All talismans work

-> All skills are auto-learned. Including the ones from the forgotten scrolls.



Server Machine

OS Linux: Ubuntu 10.04 64bit

Motherboard: Supermicro X8DTL-iF

- Dual 1366-pin LGA Sockets

- Intel® 5500 (Tylersburg) Chipset

- Intel ICH10R SATA 3.0Gbps Controller

- RAID 0, 1, 10 support (Linux)

- LAN - Intel® 82574L Gigabit Ethernet 2x 1000Mbit + 1x 1000Mbit (Dedicated IPMI)

- CPU: 2x E5620 Quad Xeon 64bit @ 3Ghz, 12M Cache, 5.86 GT/s Intel® QPI, Bus Speed 1333Mhz

- RAM: 32GB(ordered and waiting 16GB more) DDR3 ECC 1333MHz (3-channel)

- HDD: 2x WD VelociRaptor 10000RPM (RAID-1) Model: WD1500HLFS

The server is "bulletproof": no bots, no packet hacks, and specially - DDoS protected.


Website : http://www.L2World.org

Forum : http://www.L2World.org/forum/

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    • What is DN Substack? DN substack is a feature which allows you to play 2 classes of one race combined in 1 character. Click here for more information about this topic   Can I do substack with difference races (AKA mutants)? No, mutants are not possible to make as it breaks the balance of the game. You can however do substack on your normal (retail) subclasses.   How do Stages work? Our Stage Feature basically hard locks the content of the game on each respective stage. This includes max lvl, available quests, available gear, available epics and much more. Read more about it here   How are skills balanced around the Stage Feature? Since staged content affects how powerful/useful classes can be on each respective stages, we've added some skills and reworked others so each class can have some viability and scaling throughout all 3 stages. Read more about it on our changelogs   Do I need spellbooks to learn skills? No, you simply need enough SP to learn skills. However, Improved Buffs do need spellbooks to learn and you can find more information about it here   Is there Offline Shop? Yes, anyone can setup an offline shop that will last even after server restarts/crashes. Click here for more information on how to set it up   Do I have to do 1st and 2nd class change quests? No, you don't necessarily have to. You can buy the 1st and 2nd class change quest items on Donny NPC (near any gatekeeper) with adena or donator coins. However, the 3rd class change you have to do normally (it will count for both of your classes, main and substack)   Are teleports free? Yes and No. Teleports are free until lvl 40, after that, you will have to pay like normal, gatekeepers also need adena to keep their business running    Is there NPC Buffer? No, there is no NPC buffer. We did however change how Newbie helper works to provide more and better buffs. Click here for more information about this topic   How does Newbie helper work on summons/pets? Whatever buffs you choose on this NPC, it will also give the same buff to your summon/pet. This means, if you want to buff your pet with a specific buff which you yourself don't want to have, you can turn on your Anti-buff toggle and choose the buff. This will give the buff to your pet only.   How do Epic Bosses respawns work? To allow for more actions and PVP's (and avoid respawns on suboptimal hours), we've reworked how the respawns for Epic Bosses work. They are now respawning on exact days of the week and hours, with a small window of 10 minutes for their appearance. Each Epic Boss has their designated day and hour of respawn and you can find more information about this here   What is the respawn of normal Bosses? Normal Raid Bosses have a respawn of 12h +-1h random. Subclass and Nobless Bosses (Cabrio, Hallate, Kernon, Golkonda and Barakiel) have a respawn of 6h +-1h random.   Do I have to do normal subclass quest? Yes, subclass quest is still needed but we've added an alternative way to the Baium part of the quest to make it easier. More information here   Do I have to do normal nobless quest? Yes, same as subclass quest, nobless quest is still needed but we've added an alternative way to the Barakiel part of the quest to make it easier. More information here   How does Voting System work? You can vote for our server and earn vote points that can be send to your ingame character as Vote Coins. You can then spend these Vote Coins on our vote shop which includes good and meaningful rewards such as autoloot rune. More information here   Do runes from Donation Shop stack with Vote runes? Yes, the XP Rune from donation shop stacks with any of the Vote Runes, however, the XP/Spoil/Drop runes from vote don't stack with each other and you can only have 1 of this runes active at a time. The autoloot rune stacks with everything.    
    • the big issue is lighting is missing, volumetric lights (beast lighting) is completly gone so the maps look like shit. Look at tavern map, ground stone reflections and light ...  Also new clients have even more filter like lighting making everything smoother and nicer, they are constantly adding new functions to it. Porting a map will never look as good as original, see disron maps also, skys and so on...  even if you port to it god clients which most have upgraded engines, these functions are new...  Anyways, still trying to find someone who can correctly adapt maps to older god chronicles... but the price devmev and others are asking (400-500 euros for a map lol) makes this crazy, it s simpler to just get client compatibility with new protocol (free mobius even) and enjoy everything without the headakes, and months and months of trying to adapt just to find the engine has a bug that won t do some functions.... I am adapting things since...2012, it feels stupid trying to always find little doors, workarounds to adapt something, people work in unreal engine 5, and we don t even have the tools to edit this game... Gildor gave up also, making even porting new skins a real fucking headake...  L2 is dead, adapting is even more deader and definitly not worth spending thousands of euros lol. That does not mean i don t appreciate the genius/work devmev and nemes and others put into this, or maybe i am just poor, but i don t think l2 modding has a chance at all because of the above.  No one really shares their tools, and i get it, it s big profit... i guess i just feel like the end of the road.
    • I strongly advise against using the services of this gentleman. his mods still have some errors, the mods for order also do not work but for money he asks "do me a favor pls. im out of cash" when it comes to the service of his mods, I am ignored for MONTHS. I STRONGLY ADVISE TO DON"T USE OF ANY OF HIS SERVICES. More info soon in report section.
    • I have tried, but the problem is that the system does not open the client, I am using windows 10    @AlisaCodeDragon say :     I don't like how to clean themida. It is possible that someone in the forum has done it.
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