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I understand that we should use this section to advertise about how Good is a private server, but I also understand we should advice people to not join in terrible servers that forces you to vote to get more people IN...


Im 100% sure, everyone here at MC agrees that force people to vote rewarding them with PVP buffs is not a correct tactic to bring more people to their servers...


SO here is my review - http://l2spezion.eu/


"join at your own risk...youre not going to have your time back"


After request a server for testing purposes , someguy named "FRANK" posted this L2 SPEZION at my thread, and I joined to see...


2 days later Im leaving, but the guy continues spamming this crap here....



The Community:


"Recruit everyone that moves....Pk everyone that moves"


At first, I tought it was fitting my purposes of testing lifestones in H5, since everything was so easy and 1 day youre full +30 skills with full +16 gear, you dont even have to worry about that


Later I realized how modified it is, unbalanced and corrupt, some guys name theirselves "the best cardinal ever" so you cant just go in the forums talk about bugs or request fixes, because these guys "always will have the reason", "theyre always right"..


In fact its a server where you have to accept things as they are , if youre not having fun, you leave, and thats what I did. Because I know there are thousands of much better servers than this crap.


Again about the people...at the first minutes I started the server, I got invited to one of the "big clans"


Actually this is the "zerg alliance" they invite anyone they see, unnequiped or not, they will invite people to increase their zerg...its a very huge quantity x quality alliance, most of them doesnt even know about the classes, and some even judge theirselves very expert without even knowing the name of the healler classes for example


I stayed a bit in there, the whole "pk all that moves philosophy" doesnt fit me and I moved to the opposite side, where people seems to be more skilled...


Well this side was nice at first, a small number of people who seems to really know how to play the game fighting against the scrub alliance ...


But...one time, the leader got pissed with the server situation, and decided to kick everyone from the clan and give up fighting....later he made another clan with randoms he recruited in the same way the big zerg alliance does.


It looked like it turned into a competition between sides to see who recruit people first.


But the worst thing is the fact, In this server ,people uses the trade channel to insult each other.


Its not rare to see people shout or use trade to spam over and over: "PlayerX go back to town and

cry you SCUM"...just one example...also they say that after gang people, its like a 6x1, full party vs 1.


In the main pvp Zone, Primeval Beach...you have a GK to go back to town, its the only way..or swimming, or soe to clan hall if you have one.


When you teleport to PRIMEVAL BEACH, a whole ZERG comes after you to pk, and you cannot leave the place unless you use a clan soe or swim to very far, since youre not allowed to use the GK under combat mode, and you get immediatly in combat mode if some1 attacks you


So even if youre white, running your way to the GK, they will hit you for the pk point.


If you swim, tricksters (the majority in this server) will use warp till they reach you and pk.

Anyways, trickster seems to be very overpowered here, thats why the class is always getting modified by the ADMs.


Worst community ever.



The features:


"+30 enchanted buffs in the npc, all buffs are there, dwarf, summoners, all dances, songs....but no Kamael buffs....which race is going to dominate????"


well, server has a nice code, everything seems correctly at this point...


augmenting is useless....theyre 1 minute and adds 20 point stats, so dont bother wasting time getting a nice augment because wont make difference...


Attribute +7... lol...to laugh for , because the person behind this server have no idea how to build a balanced server...


enchanting skills to +30 is a piece of cake, since you can buy tons of books, 1 day youre full +30


At first, debuffs never landed, but some1 complained and now the ADMS modified it and even a +0 debuff will land very easy...so silence all the time , fear over and over , agression over and over, cancel, everything from one day to another...


Fighting a mage means he will spam fear on you and guess what: Even with full boss jewerly set and ++++ skills, fear lands in the first tries... FAIL




Events = totally useless, there is no relevant prize


Also, most important...


It seems....


You only get able to pvp "fair" (not possible have fair pvp here) if you vote and get your reward agathion that increases 5% in all stats, vote every 12 hours to earn your reward and your agathion buff...


Seriously...i reported them at the tops because this is a kind of tricky to force people to vote...


another fail


The Machine:


"=GM POLICE= says: Server is not lagging , check you machine connection...SERVER IS NOT LAGGING!!!!


There is a robot saying that every 10 minutes in shout...I think this very much explains how the server handles the people connected to it...


server has 100-200 people maximum... its located in Spain i Think...


In the towns and zones with few people its ok,


But in PVP where 20 people are engaged in fight spamming skills , everything lags and goes slow, so its not rare to have people getting disconnected at the middle of the fights or getting critical errors...


Server sucks so much that even could handle my spam macros for cp/mp pots...I got disconnected several times trying to use my cheating device...





I would give a rate of 0/10...but 0 is way too much for one of the worst servers ever made in the L2 history...


not that I was expecting too much since in my thread in the request server  Im asking for a server where I could test cheats,


but I never could expect such miserable fail, in every way


Join only to waste your time, my advice is not to go there , because youre going to NOT have your time back!!!!


Thanks to everyone who read and I hope this works as advice about a server you should not to join in.








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ty for posting your opinions, im sure they will come here to bash me saying stuff like "IM A BAD PLAYER"


very typical


L2 is being used as a hooker by private servers like this, we should all warn each other about servers of this kind


"BEING FORCED TO VOTE FOR PVP BUFFS REWARD" its more than enough to show what kind of server this IS

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never had clan in your stupid server, I went there to test cheats, 100% works, total fail server with the worst community ever and a retarded owner that dont take care of the server and whats going on


Pls stop making L2 servers and go waste the money you earned from donators with a STREET HOOKER , its the best use you can make from it


bye..your server = EPIC FAIL

your server score = 0



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about that server... when i've joined, my main purpose was oly, i geared an ee, made 3 nuke augmented weapons, and rolled almost everyone, had like 90% win ratio, dont remember exactly, so yea, easy hero.


for a while, it was fun to roll the noobs, but it didnt even lasted till the 2nd hero period -> quit time.


about outside of oly, im long given up on high rate servers, they are all the same lame bullshit, i won't even bother to try the "pvp". if you want to have something like real pvp, go on a midrate, 100x is the upper limit, anything above that won't have any decent pvp at all. sadly, i dont have any time/devotion for even a 100x anymore, so yea, im done with l2. you heard a guy with multiple heros on multiple low rates, who started at prelude times.. hf :)

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people there doesnt even know how to pvp...all they do is accept the invite from the noob clans that recruits everyone that moves , so they join in for a gang,


terrible sever, worst ive been in more than 7 years of LINEAGE 2

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