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Hello as they are, the speaker (Kamila) is a member of staff of this private server, responsible for disseminating information about this:


Esther server is designed especially for those who love peronas and feel the veins adrenilana

when in battle, be it PvP, either in the sand in a farm in a siege or any events made by management, although a server half a system installed on the server named Leader borad, this sitema awards those who obtained the highest score in terms of crafting, fishing, killing in PvP arena and also those who have achieved major victories in the TVT, TVT Event (default server) because there are two others, which aarancan from a motor event called nexus engine, TVT (Default server) is activated Trez times a day, this TvT rewards those who slaughter within you to realize this (50 points Fame and item set by the administrator to purchase useful items in the server, each reward is specific for slaughter, and at the end there is a reward for the winning team), also there is a set npc to exchange both the points earned by the -beep-ing pvp or obtained through voting (Reward System)


Here some shots of the npc that describe:






You've got a teleport npc also special, which takes you to special areas as areas of level, adena areas, farm areas in solo mode or in party mode.



width=1024 height=622http://i.imgur.com/I70N8.jpg[/img]


We also have a system which rewards the leader and deputy leader of the clan when they take a Catillo or keep in possession.


pseemos a weapon enchantment system which lowers the rate of effectiveness as it rises, empiesa at 95% efficiency from +5, which is the safe default and terminates in a likely increase

from 45 to +30 From +29 weapons in a matter of +19 to +20 and jewelry and armor.


We added the server pvp boss rings which increase slightly its original stat and ah are added or special skill as it becomes pvp, making them here:




and these are their skilles liabilities:




Now show the informasion server serving both accommodation (Dedicated exclusively to the game) as the server in general


Processador: Core i5

Memory: 16 GB

Ip: 5 Ips sixed

Traffic: Unlimited

Upload: 100MB / s



Lineage II ™ ShitPvP


- Rates XP100 SP100 A300

- Nexus Engine Eneable

Main Events:

TvT Domination,

Mass Domination

TvT Advance


Last Man Standing,

Chest lucky

Town War

Medal Event

Quiz Event


Mini Events:

Single Player Fights

Party Fights

Korean Style

Mini TvT


Custom Events

Raid Boss

Lost Treasure


- Geodata Eneable

- Acu SubClass

- Leader Board Reward

- Conquerable Locations (This event is to win a magical Crystal which will provide for special skilles you and your guild members, I must say that it is not necessary to have Castles, and if you can also have a magic crystal)

- Raid Boss Teleport (Raid Only Boos of free raspaw bois not raid instances)

- Acu SubClass

- Balanced classes

- Custom Events

- Enchant Rate System

- PvP Color System

- Quake System

- Set Vit +10

- NPC Buffer em all Cidades as p

- Gatekeeper em all as Cidades

- Event Medals

- Subclass free

- Signs Seaven

- Quest's Names

- Olympiad Eneable

- Siege Reward System

- Quest lvl20 lvl40 lvl76 job free

- Aditional events

- Instance Event from party and player (Added)

All this and many more mods for your delight and enjoyment in the server;)


Here the website for you to come and enjoy our server for free: http://www.l2shitpvp.us


Clarify that all items added to the server have been tested with the intention not to alter the balance of this, in conclusion a well proportioned and balanced server ready for your enjoyment!

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    • After i change IP on l2.ini, the client seem still connect to old Trinity server, how can i sold it?
    • Best luck my friend! 100% recommended
    • Please vote for rates!
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