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Double-World [Double Prof server]


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Chronicle: Lineage 2: The Chaotic Throne — Interlude.

Unique system - Double Prof. More information.

Safe enchant +4, max. +35.

Unique Symbols system. More information.

Unique event "Top PvP player". More information.

You need only 2 Gold bard to telepor in Epic Bosses Lairs.

No farm, only unique quests and many PvP battles!

You starts 80 LvL with Nobless status.

Recive Proffesion by 3 clicks.

No quest for Nobless and sub-class.

The you take subclass, lvl of your characher still - 80.

Armor from Freya Chronicle.

Armor and weapons from Goddess of Destruction Chronicle.

Unique Honor weapons.

Helmets Goddess of destruction.

Unique tattoos.

Dyes +5-0

No grade penalty.

You can reach everything by playing, without donation.

Endless shots and arrows.

Automatic TvT event.

Unique quests and events.

Hero weapons are enchantable.

Buff Block.

Additional buff in clan halls.

In Clan Hall auctions bids are in Gold Bar.

2 languages for you(Russian/English).

All Raid Bosses are 80 level. Drops Clan Eggs for clan skills. By killing Raid Bosses you recive clan reputation points.

Comfortable buffer with schemes.

Castle sieges every week.

Hero period every 2 weeks.

Champion monsters with special drop.

Almost perfect balance of classes.

Protection agains dualbox in olympiad, events, pvp.(By Hardware number, not IP!)

Rewards for PvP.

The latest security system. You cant connect with cheat programs (l2Brute, l2phx, etc), and with programs that automate the process of the game (BOT, etc.)..


Now server are in closed beta test.

Today or tomorrow we start Open Beta Test.

Server Start - 2012.02.11


Website - www.double-world.net/en

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More infos plz about all double classes compos plz


You can combo all 2 classes, without restriction.

For example:

Paladin + Saggitarius

Overlord + Summoner

Dualist + tyrant

and etc...

Without restriction, for that you need book.

You can get book by completing quest.

P.s. this is not multi prof or stuck sub!

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You said that i can compo all 2 classes right


So its stuck sub main + 1 or i can sub only some classes or i get some skills of classes ?


1)Complete quest

2)Go to NPC, and choose any 1 prof, you recive all skills of that class(your look doesnt change, con and etc stats doesnt change.)

Also you can complete quest and add profs on sub classes, 1 prof per sub class

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Aha so i take only skills from other classes and i am on my main class :)

Nice very nice man i ll join for sure and i bring my clan also :)

Yes, but you can do this all not only on main class, also on subclasses.

For your clan we have bonus, take a look:


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Inform us plz when beta starts and plz make an english speaking foroum i cant log in in foroum ( i dont speak russian)  :D :D :D :D :D

Oh sorry about this, some techical issues, soon i make it.

Beta start today or tomorrow, we waiting for dedicated machine.

I inform in this topic and also in forum/site

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