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Java error in l2jmods.prop



Hello to all MxC community:


Today I need some help. I have downloaded this pack ( here ) cause it looks pretty good. I have installed everything succesful without any error but when I try to start gameserver it shows this error:



I dont really know what to do. I need some help asap due Im really interested in this pack.


Thanks in advice and hope someone can help me.


If someone need that, here you got l2jmods file:


# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# L2JMODS - non-retail-like systems that have been integrated into the L2J project.
# Be warned that there may be no support for these mods beyond the original author's assistance.
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Champion mobs - Turn random mobs into Champions
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Enable/Disable Champion Mob System.
ChampionEnable = False

# Force Champion mobs to be passive?
# To leave champion mobs to default/Agressive, set to False.
# To set all champion mobs to Passive, set True.
ChampionPassive = False

# % chance for a mob to became champion (0 to disable).
ChampionFrequency = 5

# Title of all Champion Mobs.
ChampionTitle = Champion

# Min and max levels allowed for a mob to be a Champion mob.
ChampionMinLevel = 20
ChampionMaxLevel = 70

# Hp multiplier for Champion mobs.
ChampionHp = 8

# Hp Regen Multiplier for Champion mobs.
ChampionHpRegen = 1.0

# Standard rewards multiplier for Champion mobs.
ChampionRewards = 8

# Adena & Seal Stone rewards multiplier for Champion mobs.
ChampionAdenasRewards = 1.0

# P. Attack and M. Attack bonus for Champion mobs.
ChampionAtk = 1.0

# Physical/Magical Attack Speed bonus for Champion mobs.
ChampionSpdAtk = 1.0

# Specified reward item ID
ChampionRewardItemID = 6393

# The a-beep-t of the specified reward a player will receive if they are awarded the item.
ChampionRewardItemQty = 1

# % Chance to obtain a specified reward item from a HIGHER lvl Champion mob.
ChampionRewardLowerLvlItemChance = 0

# % Chance to obtain a specified reward item from a LOWER lvl Champion mob.
ChampionRewardHigherLvlItemChance = 0

# Do you want to enable the vitality calculation when killing champion mobs?
# Be aware that it can lead to huge unbalance on your server, your rate for that mob would
# then be "mobXP x serverRate x vitalityRate x championXpRate
# Notes:
#	Works only if EnableVitality = True
# Default: False
ChampionEnableVitality = False

# Enable spawning of the champions in instances
# Default = False
ChampionEnableInInstances = False

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Wedding System (by evill33t)
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# <u><b><font color="red">WARNING: this mod require custom NPC table support turned on !</font></b></u>
# CustomNpcTable = True in General.properties
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Wedding Manager ID: 50007
# First part - "Engagement" 
# 1) Target the player that you want to make a couple with.
# 2) Use the voice command ".engage nameofyourpartner" then press enter.
# 3) If the target player has you on listed as a friend (ie. you are in each other's friends list) a popup will appear with an engagement request along with a system message that you want to be engaged with him/her.
# 4) If the target player accepts the engagement invitation, you will be engaged.
# Second part - "Marriage" 
# 1) Once two players are engaged, they can speak to Andromeda, the Wedding Priest in the Hot Springs Guild House (Goddard Area).
#    (You may need Formal Wear and Adena to pay wedding fees!)
# 2) Each player needs to speak to the NPC and make the request to be married.
# 3) Once done, fireworks will display and the two players will be married.
# Afterwards you can use the voice command ".gotolove nameofyourpartner" to teleport to your partner if you're married (there may also be a fee which can be specified below)
# If you want to cancel your Engagement/Marriage, use the voice command ".divorce nameofyourpartner".
# If you're married you have to pay a specified % of your adena to your partner.
# If a player attempts to become engaged to another player while married they may suffer a penalty if it's enabled below.
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Enable/Disable Wedding System
AllowWedding = False

# A-beep-t of Adena required to get married
WeddingPrice = 250000000

# Enable/Disable punishing of players who attempt to be engaged to other players while married.
WeddingPunishInfidelity = True

# Enable/Disable teleport function for married couples.
WeddingTeleport = True

# A-beep-t of Adena required to teleport to spouse.
WeddingTeleportPrice = 50000

# Time before character is teleported after using the skill.
WeddingTeleportDuration = 60

# Enable/Disable same sex marriages.
WeddingAllowSameSex = False

# Require players to wear formal wear to be married?
WeddingFormalWear = True

# A-beep-t of Adena (%) a player must pay to the other to get divorced.
WeddingDivorceCosts = 20

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Team vs. Team Event Engine (by FBIagent)
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# <u><b><font color="red">WARNING: this mod require custom NPC table support turned on !</font></b></u>
# CustomNpcTable = True in General.properties
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Enable/Disable TvTEvent System
TvTEventEnabled = False

# TvT in instance
TvTEventInInstance = False

# Name of the instance file for TvT
TvTEventInstanceFile = coliseum.xml

# Times TvT will occur (24h format).
TvTEventInterval = 9:00,15:00,21:00,3:00

# Registration timer from start of event (in minutes).
TvTEventParticipationTime = 60

# Event running time (in minutes).
TvTEventRunningTime = 20

# TvT Event NPC (create a custom npc of type L2TvTEventNpc).
TvTEventParticipationNpcId = 70010

# TvT Event Participation Fee (itemId, number). Fee is not returned.
# Example: 57,100000
# Default = none
TvTEventParticipationFee = 0,0

# Location for TvTEvent NPC to spawn in form x,y,z[,heading]
TvTEventParticipationNpcCoordinates = 83425,148585,-3406

# Min/Max a-beep-t of players allowed in each team.
TvTEventMinPlayersInTeams = 1
TvTEventMaxPlayersInTeams = 20

# Min/Max level of players that may join the event.
TvTEventMinPlayerLevel = 1
TvTEventMaxPlayerLevel = 85

# Repsawn and exit delay timers (in seconds).
TvTEventRespawnTeleportDelay = 10
TvTEventStartLeaveTeleportDelay = 10

# First Team - Name, Start/Death x,y,z location.
TvTEventTeam1Name = Team1
TvTEventTeam1Coordinates = 148695,46725,-3414

# Second Team - Name, Start/Death x,y,z location.
TvTEventTeam2Name = Team2
TvTEventTeam2Coordinates = 149999,46728,-3414

# Reward for winning team.
# Example: TvTEventReward = itemId,a-beep-t;itemId,a-beep-t;itemId,a-beep-t
TvTEventReward = 57,100000

# TvTEvent Rules
TvTEventTargetTeamMembersAllowed = True
TvTEventScrollsAllowed = False
TvTEventPotionsAllowed = False
TvTEventSummonByItemAllowed = False

# Door ID's to open/close on start/end.
# Not supported in instance, use xml template for defining doors.
# Example: TvTDoorsToOpen = 1;2;3;4;5;6
TvTDoorsToOpen = 
TvTDoorsToClose = 

# Should both teams get reward if there's a tie?
TvTRewardTeamTie = False

# Participant's effects handling on teleport/death.
# Effects lasting through death never removed.
# 0 - always remove all effects.
# 1 - remove all effects only during port to event (noblesse blessing can be used)
# 2 - never remove any effect
# Default: 0
TvTEventEffectsRemoval = 0

# Fighter-class participants will be buffed with those buffs each respawn
# Format: skill1Id,skill1Level;skill2Id,skill2Level...
# Example: 1504,1;1501,1;1502,1;1499,1
TvTEventFighterBuffs =

# Mage-class participants will be buffed with those buffs each respawn
# Format: skill1Id,skill1Level;skill2Id,skill2Level...
# Example: 1504,1;1500,1;1501,1;1085,3
TvTEventMageBuffs =

# Maximum number of allowed participants per IP address (dualbox check)
# Default: 0 (no limits)
TvTEventMaxParticipantsPerIP = 0

# Voiced command (.tvt) working during TVT event to get information about event status
TvTAllowVoicedInfoCommand = false

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# L2J Banking System
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Enable/Disable Banking System
BankingEnabled = False

# A-beep-t of Goldbars a player gets when they use the ".deposit" command. Also the same a-beep-t they will lose with ".withdraw".
BankingGoldbarCount = 1

# A-beep-t of Adena a player gets when they use the ".withdraw" command. Also the same a-beep-t they will lose with ".deposit".
BankingAdenaCount = 500000000

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Warehouse Sorting
# Shows Withdraw Window sorted by ItemType (Armor/Weapon/Spellbook....)
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
EnableWarehouseSortingClan = False
EnableWarehouseSortingPrivate = False

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Offline trade/craft
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Option to enable or disable offline trade feature.
# Enable -> true, Disable -> false
OfflineTradeEnable = False

# Option to enable or disable offline craft feature.
# Enable -> true, Disable -> false
OfflineCraftEnable = False

# If set to True, name color will be changed then entering offline mode
OfflineSetNameColor = False

# Color of the name in offline mode (if OfflineSetNameColor = True)
OfflineNameColor = 808080

# Allow fame for characters in offline mode
# Enable -> true, Disable -> false
OfflineFame = True

#Restore offline traders/crafters after restart/shutdown. Default: false.
RestoreOffliners = False

#Do not restore offline characters, after OfflineMaxDays days spent from first restore.
#Require server restart to disconnect expired shops.
#0 = disabled (always restore).
#Default: 10
OfflineMaxDays = 10 

#Disconnect shop after finished selling, buying.
#Default: True
OfflineDisconnectFinished = True

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Mana Drugs/Potions
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# This option will enable core support for:
# Mana Drug (item ID 726), using skill ID 10000.
# Mana Potion (item ID 728), using skill ID 10001.
EnableManaPotionSupport = False

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Display Server Time
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# This option will enable displaying of the local server time for /time command.
DisplayServerTime = False

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Welcome message
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Show screen welcome message on character login
# Default: False
ScreenWelcomeMessageEnable = False

# Screen welcome message text to show on character login if enabled
# ('#' for a new line, but message can have max 2 lines)
ScreenWelcomeMessageText = Welcome to L2J server!

# Show screen welcome message for x seconds when character log in to game if enabled
ScreenWelcomeMessageTime = 10

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# AntiFeed
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# This option will enable antifeed for pvp/pk/clanrep points.
# Default: False
AntiFeedEnable = False

# If set to True, kills from dualbox will not increase pvp/pk points
# and clan reputation will not be transferred.
# Default: True
AntiFeedDualbox = True

# If set to True, server will count disconnected (unable to determine ip address)
# as dualbox.
# Default: True
AntiFeedDisconnectedAsDualbox = True

# If character died faster than timeout - pvp/pk points for killer will not increase
# and clan reputation will not be transferred.
# Setting to 0 will disable this feature.
# Default: 120 seconds.
AntiFeedInterval = 120

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Pvp/pk Announce
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Default: False
AnnouncePkPvP = False

# Announce this as normal system message
# Default: True
AnnouncePkPvPNormalMessage = True

# PK message template
# variables: $killer, $target
AnnouncePkMsg = $killer has slaughtered $target

# Pvp message template
# variables: $killer, $target
AnnouncePvpMsg = $killer has defeated $target

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Chat Moderation
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# This option will enable using of the voice commands .banchat and .unbanchat
# for players with corresponding access level (default: 7).
# Check access_levels.sql and admin_command_access_rights for details.
# Default: False
ChatAdmin = False

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Multilingual support
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Enable or disable multilingual support.
# Default: False
MultiLangEnable = False

# List of allowed languages, semicolon separated.
# Default: en
MultiLangAllowed = en;ru

# Default language, if not defined.
# Default: en
MultiLangDefault = en

# Enable or disable voice command .lang for changing languages on the fly.
# Default: True
MultiLangVoiceCommand = True

# Enable or disable multilingual SystemMessages support.
# Default: False
MultiLangSystemMessageEnable = False

# List of allowed languages for SystemMessages, semicolon separated.
# Default: 
MultiLangSystemMessageAllowed = True

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Walker/Bot protection
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Basic protection against L2Walker.
# Default: False
L2WalkerProtection = False

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Debug enable/disable voice command
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# This option will enable voice command .debug allowing players
# to turn on/off debugging on self only.
# (admin command //debug can enable debugging on any character)
# Use admin_command_access_rights table for defining access rights.
# Default: False
DebugVoiceCommand = False

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Dualbox Check
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Maximum number of players per IP address allowed to enter game.
# Default: 0 (unlimited)
DualboxCheckMaxPlayersPerIP = 0

# Maximum number of players per IP address allowed to participate in olympiad.
# Default: 0 (unlimited)
DualboxCheckMaxOlympiadParticipantsPerIP = 0

# Whitelist of the addresses for dualbox checks.
# Format: Address1,Number1;Address2,Number2...
# Network address can be number ( or symbolic (localhost) formats.
# Additional connection number added to the global limits for this address.
# For example, if number of TvT event participants per IP address set to the 1 (no dualbox)
# and whitelist contains "l2jserver.com,2" then number of allowed participants from l2jserver.com
# will be 1+2=3. Use 0 or negative value for unlimited number of connections.
# Default:,0 (no limits from localhost)
DualboxCheckWhitelist =,0

#       Vote Reward System by GoldenBoy     =
#Set it "True" if you want to Enable Vote Reward System.
EnableVoteReward = False
#If you enable Vote Reward System you must fill your Html Patch.
#e.g. VoteHtmlPatch = http://l2.hopzone.net/lineage2/moreinfo/yourserver/65487.htm
# Html Patch for Your Vote Site
# Works with HopZone/HopZones/TopZone and other HopZone Like
ServerNameForVotes = L2ServerName
VoteHtmlPatch = 
VoteReward1Count = 1000
VoteReward2Count = 1000
VoteReward1Id = 57
VoteReward2Id = 57
VotesForReward = 5
#Max a-beep-t of reward items that you want to stop reward 
#the player that have more than "MaxRewardCountForStack".
MaxRewardCountForStackItem1 = 2000000000
MaxRewardCountForStackItem2 = 2000000000
#DelayForNextReward in seconds
DelayForNextReward = 600

# Allows user to use .online Command
# Displays The Number of The Players That are Currently Online.
# Default : False
OnlinePLayers = False

#        Custom Start Title by BaGGOC          =
# Set this option to true to enable custom titles on new chars.

CharTitle = True
CharAddTitle = * Vote For Us *

# AltFlagedPlayerCanUseGK
AltFlagedPlayerCanUseGK = True

# Olympiad allow matches from same ip
AltOlySameIp = True

# Set true for custom spawn location.
CustomSpawn = false
SpawnX = x
SpawnY = y
SpawnZ = z


# -------------------------------------------------------------
# Costum PVP/PK settings
# -------------------------------------------------------------
# Costum pvp/pk message
# after pvp: "Good fight,enemy pwned:)"
# after pk: "Nice kill!You are so dangerous!"
AllowCostumPvPMessage = True
# Pvp reward system
AllowPvpRewardSystem = False
# Pvp reward itemId
PvpRewardItem = 57
# Pvp reward a-beep-t
PvpRewardA-beep-t = 1
# Pk reward system
AllowPkRewardSystem = False
# Pk reward itemId
PkRewardItem = 57
# Pk reward a-beep-t
PkRewardA-beep-t = 1
# Allow the default PK system(+1 pk,+karma)
UseDefaultSystem = True
# Allow costum pk system (pvp point for pk,no karma)
# UseDefaultSystem need to be False!
UseCostumSystem = False

# Allow custom starting lvl default:false
AllowCustomStartLvl = false
#Custom Start lvl for 85 lvl and 100% put 86
CustomStartLvl = 1

# ---------------------------------------------- #
# Hero Status (until restart) for kills System [Author: Mentor] [url=http://www.teamsrv.net]www.teamsrv.net[/url]
# ---------------------------------------------- #
# Enabled Hero status for kills? (Default: False)
HeroStatusForKills = False
# Kills (PvP+PK) for Hero Status (Default: 20)
HeroStatusForKillsCount = 20
# Death for removed Hero Status (Default: 2)
DeleteHeroStatusDeathCount = 2

# Classes balance
# Note: 
#	Class: Too long...
#	Damage: Current damage emperor to 2
# ClassID 90 = Phoenix Knight
ClassID = 90
WeaponType = DAGGER
Damage = 2

#Author TheEnd
NameColorSystem = True
NameColor = 

# This is the a-beep-t of goldbars that a new character starts their character with. 
# Default: 0
StartingGBCount = 0
# This is the id of goldbars
# Default : 3470
StartingGBId = 3470

#Exp and SP Award System By Cobra
# 0 Is by Default!
AddExpAtPvp = 0
AddSpAtPvp = 0

# PK protection
# Disables attacking char if the attacker's lvl minus victim's lvl is over
# specified difference and the target is not flagged. For example, if you want
# to disable PK'ing chars that are more than 20 lvls below attacker's lvl, set
# the value to 20. Setting the value to 0 disables the feature.
# If player has more than specified number of PKs in the monitored period,
# he/she is automatically punished. If set to zero, this feature is disabled.
# For what period (in seconds) the PKs should be monitored
# Punisment type:
#   jail - char will be jailed
# Punishment length (in seconds)
# If punishment type is jail then the punishment period should be divisable by
# 60 as jail punishment is counted in minutes

Auto Vote Event Manager
Default: False
EnableAutoVoteEngine = False

Save and Load votes count on start/shutdown to database
Default: False
AutoVoteEngineSaveLoad = False


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As said GunarStillis, config try to read a number but find an incorrect character ; in that case an X.


The only strange looking config is about :

# Set true for custom spawn location.
CustomSpawn = false
SpawnX = x
SpawnY = y
SpawnZ = z

Put numbers instead of x, y and z.


For an even simple way, just read Config.java at line 2586.

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