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I searched and i didn't find anything about custom jewlews

so if u find something like that delete my topic or keep it on refresh!

Ok here we are !!!!

i advice you to use them in PvP server!

i made this share to help you with custom jewles

first of all download the link :

Custom jewles

in the link having the stats and the itename-e

put the 0800-0899 and 0900-0999 xml  in gameserver\data\stats\armor

and drop and drag the itename-e in your L2 Interlude system folder

Information's :

The custom stats added in Tatteotian Jewles set!

so if you want to check them "buy Tatteotian Jewles set"

Also have attention here :

Don't forget ! Its about Interlude client !


Best Regards





the link its so old must lock for stop spamming i think...

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but good share man!!

for what chronicle is?

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