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Microsoft Loopback HELP!!!


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Geia sas...Prin liges meres egkatesthsa to Microsoft Loopback.Megalh blakeia.Kserei kaneis pws to apegka8istw?prospa8w apo to pinaka elegxou alla dn ginete tipota...AN kserei kaneis plz na m pei..an ginete odhgies gia ellinika windows..thx

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Prospa8ises apo pros8eaferesi programmatwn ? ean oxi mallon 8a diegrapses tpt unistall.exe apo ta programm files k giauto dn ginete ...

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δεν ειναι αρχειο...το εγκατεστησα απο πινακας ελεγχου-προσθηκη υλικου..το προβλημα ειναι οτι δν εχει πουθενα να το  απεγκαταστησω!!ελεος... :-\

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Ekana search k s vrika th lisi ;)



1. Open My Computer


2. Right Click on My Computer, followed by click Properties


3. By default General Tab displayed


4. Click on Hardware Tab -> Device Manager


5. Click + near Network Adapters


6. Click On Microsoft Loopback Adapter, followed by click delete button


7. Confirmation pop up, choose OK


Done, uninstall process successfully accomplished :-)



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kita ektos apo tin kanoniki s sindesi an as poume exis 2 tote svise tin sindesi p theoris oti ine tou loopback ektos an xrisimopoiseis vpn i den ksero ti

ego as poume p exo virtual machine exoo ali 1 sindesi apo kato lei se mena as poume


kati paromio tha lei k se sena


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