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[L2J] Ragezone

Lucky Dice

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Hello guys, A new pvp server gonna shock u with many things to do.



Xp x3000

Sp x3000

Adena x1000


Regular Scroll Rate (Normal) 75%


Crystall Scroll Rate 80% when it break automatically weapons enchant level goes to 10 which is safe


Blessed Scroll Rate 100%


Siege Reward Item, Vote Rewards, Pvp Pk Rewards, Clan Reputation Item, Noblesse Item.

Custom Armors: Vesper gold and Silver with vesper weapons

And Trainee Armors a lil stronger gear than the retail S grade like Draconic Imperial and Major arcana.

Raidboss jewels.

Custom jewels: Necklace of Naga, Necklace of Hekaton, Necklace of Brakki, Earing of Ipos, Earing of Garscia, Earing of Falston, Earing of Kandra, Earing of Von Helmann, Earing of Vermilion, Ring of Horuth, Ring of Mos, Ring of Shadith, Ring of Tayr.


3 zones for farm the coins u need. Grave Robber Hideout- Copper zone.  Abandoned Coal mines- Silver zone. Giants Cave-Gold zone.


Precious collectable items.

Rage Copper Coin

Rage Silver Coin

Rage Gold Coin

Rage Diamond

Ancient Adenas

and much more


Mini bosses in each farm zone drops lucky box with chance to get Blessed scrolls coins and others.

Εach class has a chance to beat each other.

Balanced stats.. with restrictions simply if you wear any heavy armor on classes like Archers and etc u'll get penalty and your stats will dramatically reduced.

The same with the weapons u can equip bow with tank classes but your skills will dissapeared.

Pvp pk shop.. with your pvp and pks you can buy misc items

Clan Reputation Shop the same as pvp pk shop.

Pc Bang points and pc bang shop.




You can use our community to find informations about server and other things

it contains Portable buffer u can use it to buff your self anywhere except in olympiad.

Portable teleporter to teleport yourself everywhere but you cant use it if you are in combat state/pvp/pk.

Portable gm shop contains various things and donate section... There is absolutely no donations for any armor/weapon or jewel only misc things cauze donations harms the server balance. with Rage diamonds u can buy (Pets/BlessedSoes and others) or u can find them rarely :) server hosted at www.hostyourdreams.com means no lags.

Info about Richest Players.

Info about top/most Online Players

Info about Top Pvp/pk

Server News and Server changelog

Character Repair for any client crach.


Ragezone developed by experienced 24 hours active staff for reports and informations

A lot of fixes, u dont have to try for any bug simply it will dont work.


Protector Npc for the newbies.

And spawn protection its about 10 Seconds.


Pets :D we love pets.. you can buy them from portable shop with Rage Diamonds except the wyvern

Only castle lords will awarded with Wyverns.


Daily automated events: Tvt,Ctf,Basewar,Deathmatch,Vip event,Hide and Seek (u mist find the hidden npc)

Other manual events from the staff and much more.


There is no prizes for innactive players during the events.

Dualbox is disabled.


Olympiad 2 weeks.


Announcement about kills pvp/pk.

Announcement about Castle lord log on.

Max subclasses are 5.

No weight penalty.

Party Duel System.

Cursed Weapons.

Wedding System.

Fishing System.

Anti buff Shield.

+10 speed for all the classes in game.

Increased inventory space for all classes.

Illegal words replaced with: ...

Punishment for illegal words.

all the c6 skills works 100% without any bug or problem custom skills added

on the castles they are passive skills for the clan members.

Every castle has its own skill named residence skills.

Fortress wars and every fortress has its own the same skills but not the same level.

A custom potion which increases the enchant rate for 5% for a little time (Its hard to find)

Unlimited Soulshots/Spiritshots/BSpiritshots just take 200 and you dont have to buy again.


There is no limations for Casting Speed or Attack Speed

Casting speed for Mages Depends on their classes

Attack speed for Fighters Depends on their Classes


Max speed 300.

Max Crit 400.

No more bacstabs from front.



Safe +10 Max +30



Pvp pk colors.

Killing Spree.

Custom Shop.

Gm shop.

Custom Buffer. Dances, Songs, Buffs, Chants, Prophecies, and all the others Last 3 hours

Custom Raidboss teleporter/Informer (Only for party, you can teleport from min level raidbosses until the 75 level raidbosses.)

The Epic ones Like antharas valakas zaken ant queen orfen and etc the teleportation for this raidbosses are not instant.

Custom Raid Bosses. Respawn time 12-24 Hours Depends on boss.

Minion Respawn timer 10 Seconds.

Custom Christmas Reward engine made for christmas to make things more funny.

Champion Mobs.

Lifestones from Tyrannosaurus inside lostnest, Retail augmentation skill chances.

Coin exchanger.

Skill Enchanter.

Class Manager.

Custom Augmenter.

Siege time soe seller.

Retail Tattoos.

and much more.










.unstuck (20 Seconds)


More informations are coming soon :)      `Romeo


Some of the upcoming L2 Ragezone Npcs and Bosses/Monsters :)



















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It will open in 1 week i guess :) i have to finish some edits and it will be ok..

yea its organized and balanced and this is only the beggining :D

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another gr33k admin. not professional at all.

for your opinion maybe :) And what is the difference if i am greek/german/rus and etc the experience makes you proffesional..anyway i know a lot of things about makin and developin servers its not my first time.. really not :)
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Santa Claus! i will join for sure.

You are welcome :) its a christmas npc it will reward all the players when chritmas comes and it will appear in giran with gifts for ya like Santa claus suit :D
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