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[Guide] Cs Shooting Stratigies by Shappier


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Welcome to This tutorial i will be Explaining to you How to Control your Spray in Cs 1.6, Gun strategies, and War strategies/Formation, Enjoy!


1. Controlling your Spray

Everybody in cs Sprays, Professionals spray but they know how to Control it so i will be Telling you how to Control your Spray.


Camping- While camping you would usually be Crouched, when you Crouch you get more accuracy, so the best idea would be to Crouch, While camping/crouching in a spot waiting for your enemy to appear you should always have your cross hair about 1 foot away from the Corner so then that way you see your enemy and you have time, but when you have it right after the wall your enemy comes out and unless you have super fast reactions your enemy will most likely kill you before you kill them. so when you have your cross hair 1 foot away from the corner and when you see your enemy you shoot. Know if your going to spray you should aim around Chest height so then when you spray your bullets go around the Head region, Not Either side of him


On the Go- While spraying on the Go you don't have much accuracy so therefore you must aim before the player which he will run into. when doing this aim to the Left or Right whichever way the Opponent is going he will run into the bullets and die. whenever Spraying while on the go Do not Camp! your opponent will have a Advantage of you.


2. Weapon Strategies


M4AI- while using the M4AI or known as the Colt it has very good Long distance Accuracy, and Short, while using the Colt it is Better to have the Silencer off. while using the colt while Spraying you must aim around the Head Region so therefore the bullets will go for the head and not to either side of the opponent. Long distance with the Colt is Very affective if you Click the Mouse 3 times(but do not Hold) which the bullets will go To the Opposition and not around them.

Camping with the Colt- Camping with the colt is a very Affective Strat, when camping with the Colt you Can put the silencer on so when you fire the other opponent will not hear the bullets as well. When camping with the Colt do not aim Strait after the wall where it ends because you will most likely not have super Reflexes so therefore aim about 2-3 cross hairs sideways across the wall.


AK47- with the Ak47 it has very power full bullets but Not as good Accuracy up close, When using the Ak in long distance only Click the Mouse 3 times(do not hold to mouse) which will get better accuracy then holding the mouse, Short Distance with the AK is very Affective While you are close to your Opponent the best Option is to Spray around there Chest Area so therefore the bullets will go to there Head region.



Famas- While usesing the famas Fire burst is very affective for Long distance and Accuracy. Fams on Semi-Automatic is not as Strong as the Fire burst. while useing the famas for long distance, the head is the best Part of the Body to aim at Because the Fire burst mode has Reduced Recoil, Semi-Automatic would be a good option up close but i personally like the Fire burst.


Galil- the Galil or Known as the T Famas is a very affective Spraying Gun. The famas has a good Spraying ability because it has 35 bullets, 5 more then the other Rifles. While using Famas a long distance away is not very strong, The best part of the bodie to aim at would be the head.

Mp5- the MP5 is a very affective machine gun used for Close Range. while in close Range combat using the Mp5 your best Option is to Spray because it dose not have a Bad as Recoil compared to the Other guns, and it Fires Quicker. Long distance using the Mp5 you Click the Mouse 3-5 times but do not hold it Down.


Awp- The awp is a very affective Sniper, 70% of the Shots kill them with 1 bullet. While using the awp long distance while the opponent is moving you can either aim somewhere where you no your Opponent will Walk into or you can Aim at there Stomach area while there moving and Shoot for them. While using the awp you Crouch most of the Time to get better Accuracy, While in the Pit at De_dust2 you Stand.Short range with the Awp i would not Recommend, i would Recommend pulling out your Pistol and Start Shooting.

Dak-Dak ( Auto-Sniper ) the Dakdak is a very strong Sniper, it has good aiming Scoped, and Un-scoped. When using the dak dak the best option is to aim at your Opponent because the Dak dak has a faster Shooting Then the Awp. Short ranged with the Dak Dak i recommend using No scope, it has just about the Same Accuracy as Scoped.

Scout- While using the Scout it Takes 2 hits to kill the opposition Unless you get a Head shot. while using the scout it is best to aim around the stomach area while scoped. when you are scouting you can Jump because if your opponent goes to shoot you and you jump they will most likely miss you and hit the Ground. Short range with the scout is Effective because the Scout has a good accuracy no scoped. while scouting no scoped aim your gun to the left more of your opponent. when scouting no scoped you jump so when you hit the ground you have a good idea where the Cross hair would be if there was one.


Deagle- The deagle is the Strongest Pistol in the Game, although it only has 7 bullets you can easily kill someone with 5. when using the Deagle you must have good Accuracy. when long range in the Deagle it is the Best to aim for the head and move around left to right, short range with the deagle is Difficult because you and your opponent are moving side to side you must but you aimer before the opponent which will most likely hit them more then just moving and trying to hit them aiming dirrectly at them.


USP- the usp is the Ct weapon it has a Fast fire Ability. The Usp is Not as strong as the Deagle in long range, so the best idea is always to aim at the head. while in short range the Usp would proberly have to be the most advantaged gun because most guns do not have more bullets then then USP. when in short range you can aim at the opponent if you have good aim or you can put it to where they are about to go so they run into the bullet.


Glock- the Glock is a good Short range weapon, it has 2 modes Fire burst or Semi-Automatic the best mode for short range would be the Fire burst if your a good aimer, if your not as good aimer the Semi-automatic would be the best for you. in long range the glock is Shocking, so i Recommend trying to get closer to your opponent then start shooting.


Grenades- Grenades are sort of an Advantage to the game. when using nades the most effective move is the make it bounce of walls when you cannot see your Enemy or you no where they are you just cant see them.Flash bangs are Very handy to blind your opponent so they cannot see, HE grenades are very handy they can take up to 96 hp off you if it lands Directly on you!, Smoke grenades are good for using against AWP-ers so they cannot see where you go.



Thank you for Reading my Tutorial i Hope you Enjoyed it.


Credits : Shappier

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